Thank you, Kentucky!


Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin kept his campaign promises by signing bills that previous Democrat majorities had trashed repeatedly and that the new Republican majority fast-tracked into law.

They include:

The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (SB5) goes into effect immediately to protect preborn babies from abortion from the time they can experience pain, at about 20 weeks or earlier. The only exception is if the mother’s physical health is in danger.  Similar bills are in effect in 15 other states.

The Informed Consent bill (HB2) goes into effect immediately to require a mother to have an ultrasound before she has an abortion. Mothers are not required, however, to look at the ultrasound of their baby and they may choose to have the sound of their baby’s heartbeat muted.

The Right to Work Act which made Kentucky the 27th state to ban unions from forcing workers to becoming members or to pay mandatory dues.

Other bills require the retirement benefits packages of legislators be made public, repeal the state’s special wage law for public works contractors, and abolish the current Board of Trustees at the troubled University of Louisville.



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