Kurt Russell is a gentleman

These ladies must have a giant crush on him.  (What woman doesn’t!?)  It’s the only reason I can think of to explain why the usually rude, pro-gun control witches on The View actually let him explain his pro-Second Amendment position and then nodded and agreed with him!

Kurt Russell on Gun Control Remarks | The View [2:41]

Other reasons I like Russell are things I heard on DVD commentaries.  One was a director who said he was a great guy to work with, the kind of man who, between takes, would just pick up equipment and help move it to where it needed to be next.

Also, during the filming of Overboard, when Goldie Hawn told the director she was not going to jump off the yacht again, Russell reminded her she was being paid an obscene amount of money to play act and she was going to do what the director wanted her to do.

Another thing was something he said about why he stopped doing the kind of action movies he did when he was a studly young actor.  “Who wants to watch a man over 50 doing that stuff?  I don’t want to!  So, no, I don’t do it any more.”  Quoted from memory and probably wildly inaccurate as to words, but the gist is about right.

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