Abortionist Quits After St. Thomas Aquinas Visits Him in a Dream

Stojan Adasevic, a Serbian abortionist when Serbia was still a communist country, managed to kill 48,000 children in utero in his 26 years as a purveyor of death.

But that’s all in the past due to a remarkable series of dreams in which he says St. Thomas Aquinas opened his eyes to the truth about abortion.

It seems he kept dreaming about a beautiful field full of children and young people who were playing and laughing, but who ran away from him in fear. Also in the dream was a man dressed in a black and white habit who just stared at him in silence.

Each night, Dr. Adasevic would wake up in a cold sweat.  Then, one night, he asked the man in black and white his name.

“My name is Thomas Aquinas.”

Dr. Adasevic, educated in atheistic communist schools, did not recognize the Dominican saint’s name.

Then he asked his nightly visitor, “Who are these children?”

“They are the ones you killed with your abortions.”

At this, Dr. Adasevic awoke in shock and fear.

When he notified his hospital that he would no longer perform abortions, the reaction was swift and severe.  His salary was cut in half, his daughter was immediately fired from her job, and his son was not allowed to matriculate into the state university.

Just as he was about to give into the government’s demand to perform abortions again, Dr. Adasevic had another dream in which St. Thomas assured him of his friendship.

Dr. Adasevic now practices the Orthodox faith, has a strong devotion to St. Thomas Aquinas, and is one of Serbia’s most important pro-life voices.

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