Police Appreciation Week

The soon-to-be former president has never hidden his utter contempt for those who uphold the law. It is a common trait among those who see cops as an impediment to them enriching themselves through assaults and robberies and killing each other over drug-dealing territory. Round up 10 street corner denizens in the bowels of any democrat-run metropolis and chances are most or all will either have drugs, guns, or both on their person. See a cop, they try to run far enough away to jettison their contraband so as not to be caught with it. Hence the inbred hatred/fear of authority.

Congressman: Police Appreciation Lights Refused By White House
“Obama has not agreed to do so, but has displayed lights at the White House for other groups in the past, including the LGBT community,” a spokeswoman from Republican Washington Rep. Dave Reichert’s office told The Daily Caller Sunday night.
President Obama previously refused to light up the White House with blue lights in support of the fallen officers following an ambush on law enforcement in Dallas last July.

Democrats Re-Hang ‘Cops as Pigs’ Painting Day After Two Officers Killed in Line of Duty
A group of Congressional Democrats led by Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri hung the controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs back in its original place on a wall in the U.S. Capitol complex. The action comes a day after two Florida law enforcement officers died in the line of duty: one who was shot dead while trying to apprehend a murder suspect and the other killed in a traffic accident while securing a search perimeter for the suspect.

Rep. Clay Attempts To File Charges Over Removal Of Painting Depicting Cops As Pigs
Clay first heard from his office that the painting — by David Pulphus, which won his district’s high school art competition and now hangs with other high school student paintings from members’ districts across the country — was removed by Hunter on Friday and returned to Clay’s office undamaged.
“We’re less than zero percent worried about this, because, one, it’s not theft when you take something off a wall, without damaging the property, in the Capitol Building and return it to its rightful owner on behalf of a student in any way what so ever,” a Hunter spokesman told TheDC.

Duncan Hunter: Paul Ryan might have to get involved in the cops-as-pigs painting dispute
Last week, Mr. Hunter had personally removed the painting, which was done by a winner of a congressional art competition held by Rep. William Lacy Clay, Missouri Democrat.
“It just blows my mind how Democrats think it’s OK to portray cops as pigs,” Mr. Hunter, California Republican, said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”
“Paul Ryan has the ability to make sure that no artwork that depicts cops as pigs, or that depicts congressmen as prostitutes, or depicts anybody in a poor way like this gets put up” in the Capitol, he said.

The solution is simple; have President Trump order it taken down, send the young prick who drew it a hundred bucks for payment, then burn it.


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