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Nothing Left

“I’m struck by how braindead the left is. They have come to the point where they have no ideas, no solutions, and nothing positive to offer, so they instead rely on the same few slogans to attack opponents, whether there is basis for these attacks or not.”  – Newt Gingrich

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Barack Obama Special Olympics Insult [:29]

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Cruz Lists 8 Years of Democrat Corruption

If you don’t see anything else today, see this.  Pay particular attention at around 11:00.

Jan 10, 2017: Ted Cruz Awesomely Rebuts Democrat Smears Against Jeff Sessions [12:44]

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Sessions Hearing and Racist Democrat Tweets

Jeff Sessions is a Southern White Republican, so OF COURSE he must be a Raaaaaacist!  NEVER MIND THE EVIDENCE!

But, you know what?  It wasn’t Republicans tweeting RACIST crap today!

When Ira Madison saw Sessions sitting with his darling granddaughter on his lap, the MTV culture writer tweeted for Sessions to “kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from.”


And when Sen. Tim Scott announced his support for Sessions as AG, racist Democrats crawled out from under their rocks to scream Uncle Tom, house boy, housenigger, and porch boy at him.

Scott proved himself to be a gracious gentleman, responding to tweets like “You’ve sold your soul voting for Jeff Sessions” with “Sorry ma’am, but my #SoulIsPurchasedByJesus.”

He also showed he has the better sense of humor.  When one tweeter called him “A white man in a black body”, he asked “Is that like a Liger?”

Thank you for your grace, Senator Scott. You make me proud to share your party, your nation, and most importantly your faith in Jesus Christ.



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Billion Dollar Loser



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What Clinton Won

The Left never tires of telling us that Hillary won the popular vote.  “The majority wanted Clinton!”  Blah blah blah. 

  • She knew that presidential elections are decided by the electoral vote the whole time she was campaigning.  She LOST the electoral vote.  Period. 
  • Then she lost when the recount effort failed, again when the corrupt electors effort failed, and again when the make Congress debate every vote effort failed.

She also lost in all the swing states, which means her much-touted popular vote win occurred ONLY in states that were already blue.


That’s a lot of losing for someone who was allegedly the more popular candidate.


She did win 2.9 million more votes than Trump.  


But let’s look at that number more closely.

  • She won California by 4.3 million votes.  Deep blue Los Angeles has a population of approximately ten million and 4.3 isn’t even half of that.
  • She won New York by 1.7 million votes.  Deep Blue New York City has a population of 8.4 million.  1.7 is about 20% of that.
  • When you add California’s 4.3 million to New York’s 1.7, you get 6 million.  But Hillary won the overall popular vote by only 2.9 million, which is a little less than half.

So, again, I say … Hillary won the popular vote.  Blah, blah, blah. 


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Today’s Posts… Stave Three

So much to do. I’m watching the confirmation hearings and I hope to have the video I’m watching now to post later. Sen. Ted Cruz is absolutely disemboweling the Democrats who suddenly are obsessed with the rule of law while they said nothing for 8 years while Holder made a mockery of the word ‘Justice’. He had special words of disgust for Sen. Stuart Smalley (Idiot-Minnesota).

Never to be deterred, two stupid white people got up in the gallery screaming ‘black lives matter!’ before being escorted out by DC police.

[CtH: I’m not holding my breath for #BlackLivesMatter or #NOW to give a toot about Debra Thomas Clayton, the Black female cop who was killed in the line of duty in Orlando.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4105884/Manhunt-continues-Orlando-gunman-shot-dead-veteran-cop.html%5D

Still, there are other newsworthy items.

Alibaba job boom: Jack Ma chats with Trump about how to create 1 million US jobs over 5 years

“We’re focused on small business,” Ma told reporters. “We specifically talked about … supporting 1 million small businesses, especially in the Midwest of America. Small businesses on the platform selling products — agriculture products and America services — to China and Asia, because we’re pretty big in Asia.”
Like Etsy or eBay, Alibaba enables third-party sellers in China to take their own businesses to the web. The company only had 36,446 full-time employees, almost all in China, as of March 31, according to SEC filings. But with more than 10 million active sellers as of 2015,  Alibaba estimates its China retail marketplaces “contributed to the creation of over 15 million job opportunities.”

[CtH: But I’m sure he “didn’t build that.”]

‘There Are No Jobs’: Obama Loyalists Scramble To Find Work
Thousands of Obama loyalists are struggling to find work in a city now dominated by the GOP, according to a report from Politico. “It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide told Politico.

[CtH: Karma sucks, don’t it?]

Final bill for Hillary futility: $1.2 billion
bef4d5b2eec11580c5b9c8b56e01a1784a596d760840aa7374c03dcf13d5ce05As Matt Vespa reminds us, Hillary Clinton once offered this zinger about Donald Trump’s claims to be a business wizard: “What kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year?”
The New York Post has the answer in their review of election-campaign financial disclosures. The final cost of Hillary’s futile bid for the presidency — including monies spent by the Democratic Party and supporting PACS — exceeded $1.2 billion.

Whoopi Goldberg: No ‘Right-Leaning Person’ Has ‘Ever’ Lost Their Job for Political Views

After Goldberg read McCain’s tweet, she insisted that people should stop criticizing Hollywood like it was a “bad word.” She then lectured on the history of Hollywood and said that prior to the 1970s, Hollywood was dominated by right-leaning groups.
“That’s how we ended up with McCarthyism and all of these so-called ‘lefties’ being rounded up and eaten up basically for their beliefs,” Goldberg said.

[CtH: The “open mindedness” of liberals in Hollywood totally explains why Republican actors are the ones hiding in their closets now.]

Dem Sen. Dick Durbin Acknowledges Sessions’ Work Has Spared Blacks “Thousands Of Years In Prison”

API Chief: Offshore Oil and Gas Production Could Create 800,000-Plus U.S. Jobs, $200 Billion Annually to Treasury

“Restricted offshore areas could hold more than 50 billion barrels, or more, of oil and more than 195 trillion cubic feet of natural gas,” Gerard said. “Just imagine what the industry could do to further benefit consumers, the economy and the environment if more of that energy were available for responsible and safe domestic production.”

Obama: Don’t Blame Me For The Democrats’ Demise
Clearly, whatever leadership Obama provided, it wasn’t helping Democrats connect with voters across the country.
So what was Obama’s response?
At first, he tried — and we’re not making this up — to blame President Bush.
“I came in the middle of worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,” he said. And since “in 2010 there were a lot of folks who were still out of work,” whoever was president was “gonna get hit.”

[CtH: Reality check, BHO. There are 14.5 million more Americans out of work now than when you took over from Bush.]

Instead, Obama said — and again, we are not making this up — that he was just too darn busy being president to help his fellow Democrats.
“My docket was really full here,” Obama said, “so I can’t be both chief organizer of the Democratic Party and function as commander in chief and president of the United States.”
Stephanopoulos was either too polite or too partisan to not laugh out loud at this statement.


Meryl Streep Underhandely Came For The Donald, Diamond and Silk Straight Out Came For Her

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Police Appreciation Week

The soon-to-be former president has never hidden his utter contempt for those who uphold the law. It is a common trait among those who see cops as an impediment to them enriching themselves through assaults and robberies and killing each other over drug-dealing territory. Round up 10 street corner denizens in the bowels of any democrat-run metropolis and chances are most or all will either have drugs, guns, or both on their person. See a cop, they try to run far enough away to jettison their contraband so as not to be caught with it. Hence the inbred hatred/fear of authority.

Congressman: Police Appreciation Lights Refused By White House
“Obama has not agreed to do so, but has displayed lights at the White House for other groups in the past, including the LGBT community,” a spokeswoman from Republican Washington Rep. Dave Reichert’s office told The Daily Caller Sunday night.
President Obama previously refused to light up the White House with blue lights in support of the fallen officers following an ambush on law enforcement in Dallas last July.

Democrats Re-Hang ‘Cops as Pigs’ Painting Day After Two Officers Killed in Line of Duty
A group of Congressional Democrats led by Rep. William Lacy Clay of Missouri hung the controversial painting depicting police officers as pigs back in its original place on a wall in the U.S. Capitol complex. The action comes a day after two Florida law enforcement officers died in the line of duty: one who was shot dead while trying to apprehend a murder suspect and the other killed in a traffic accident while securing a search perimeter for the suspect.

Rep. Clay Attempts To File Charges Over Removal Of Painting Depicting Cops As Pigs
Clay first heard from his office that the painting — by David Pulphus, which won his district’s high school art competition and now hangs with other high school student paintings from members’ districts across the country — was removed by Hunter on Friday and returned to Clay’s office undamaged.
“We’re less than zero percent worried about this, because, one, it’s not theft when you take something off a wall, without damaging the property, in the Capitol Building and return it to its rightful owner on behalf of a student in any way what so ever,” a Hunter spokesman told TheDC.

Duncan Hunter: Paul Ryan might have to get involved in the cops-as-pigs painting dispute
Last week, Mr. Hunter had personally removed the painting, which was done by a winner of a congressional art competition held by Rep. William Lacy Clay, Missouri Democrat.
“It just blows my mind how Democrats think it’s OK to portray cops as pigs,” Mr. Hunter, California Republican, said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”
“Paul Ryan has the ability to make sure that no artwork that depicts cops as pigs, or that depicts congressmen as prostitutes, or depicts anybody in a poor way like this gets put up” in the Capitol, he said.

The solution is simple; have President Trump order it taken down, send the young prick who drew it a hundred bucks for payment, then burn it.


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Heads by Terrell



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Send In the Clowns

It begins. The inquisition against Jeff Sessions, a moral and Godly man strictly for the purposes of political posturing will be forced to defend himself against phony racism charges from people who have worked beside him for 20 years. The hearing is in progress as I bang on this keyboard, so this is an ongoing process. I have it on in the background and it is difficult to listen to the likes of Leahy, Durbin and Feinstein pontificate when they’re all as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

Sessions’ Granddaughter Stole The Show At His Confirmation Hearing

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ granddaughter captured hearts at his Tuesday attorney general confirmation hearing.  While opening statements were read, Sessions played with his granddaughter, who occasionally interrupted proceedings with adorable toddler babbling.


MTV Host Attacks Jeff Sessions For Having An Asian Granddaughter

Code Pink Protesters Dressed as KKK Greet AG Nominee Jeff Sessions at Hearing

Senator Jeff Sessions desegregated schools in Alabama and took on the KKK in the state. Democrats are desperate to stop the Alabama Senator’s confirmation.  This morning Code Pink activists greeted Senator Sessions dressed as KKK members.

Cory Booker to Testify Against Sessions in Unprecedented Move
So much for the ‘peaceful transition’ that the Democrats said they would facilitate. Democrat Senator Cory Booker is set to testify against Republican Senator Jeff Sessions in an unprecedented move during his attorney general confirmation.
This is going to be the first time in history that a sitting senator will testify against another sitting senator for a Cabinet post during a confirmation.

Booker in 2016: ‘I Feel Blessed and Honored’ to Work With Sessions Celebrating Civil Rights Advocates

Democratic Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) thanked his colleague Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.) last year at the Capitol for his help celebrating the 1965 “Foot Soldiers,” those who marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to promote civil rights for African Americans.


Sessions Faces a Political Lynch Mob

The incident set the stage for what will no doubt be an ugly attempt by Democrats to assassinate the character of the gentleman from Alabama.
Some Democrats are calling him by his given name, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions – a wink-wink, nod-nod to the Civil War – as if he’s a slave-holding plantation owner.

[CtH: Remember when they were offended by people calling Candidate Obama “Barack Hussein Obama”?]

Hans Von Spakovsky: Democrats Oppose Jeff Sessions Because He’ll Enforce Our Immigration Laws
“But Democrats really don’t like him because of his views on issues,” he continued. “For example, they really don’t want someone who’s actually going to enforce our immigration laws. They’ve been giving him a hard time in the civil rights area too, even though many of their criticisms really have been false.
SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam suggested that Democrats would be “uncouth” to Sessions to gin up donations and political support from their base.

Sessions Tells Senators: ‘You Know I Believe in Fairness, Impartiality and Equal Justice’
“You know who I am,” he said. “You know what I believe in. You know that I am a man of my word and can be trusted to do what I say I will do. You know that I revere our Constitution and that I am committed to the rule of law. And you know that I believe in fairness, impartiality, and equal justice under the law.”

Feinstein Tells Sessions It ‘Not His Job’ to Prosecute Hillary Because Trump Wants Him To

In particular, Feinstein insisted that Sessions’ job does not include the prosecution of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who we all know abused her email use and put national security at risk. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump suggested that he was going to hire a special prosecutor to “look into her situation.”
“The attorney general must put aside loyalty to the president,” she said. The law and Constitution, she emphasized, must come first and foremost.





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