Who cares if it was a “hate crime”?

I am absolutely sickened by the statements of some Democrats concerning the vicious torture of a disabled white guy by four blacks yelling “F*** whites.”  One thing I’ve heard is, “It’s not a hate crime.”  Seriously?  What moral universe do you live in?!

Anyway, this reinforces for me the idea that “hate crime” is a stupid idea in the first place.  A lawyer explained to me that it was bad law, because it attempted to criminalize thought.  Torture is already a crime.  Four people torturing a disabled guy is a truly heinous crime.  It should not matter to the law why they did it.  It should only matter IF they did it.

If a jury rules them guilty, then their motives can and probably should influence the judge’s decision re: sentencing.  But that’s all.

Matt Walsh had this to say on Facebook:  

“A group of black people kidnapped and tortured a disabled white man and broadcast the crime on Facebook Live.

“Now can you imagine, for a moment, what would happen if a group of white people recorded themselves torturing a black man, beating him, cutting off pieces of his hair, and dragging him around by his neck while screaming anti-black obscenities? We all know what would happen. It would be a GLOBAL news story. There would be riots in the street right now, as we speak. It would lead every news broadcast on every national and local channel. The president would issue a statement from the Rose Garden. But it happens to a white a person and what do you hear? Nothing.

“Even the Chicago police have tried to play down the incident, describing it as a “battery.” It’s not a battery. It’s kidnapping, torture, and a federal hate crime according to the law.

“See, it’s not accurate to say that there is a double standard here. In order for there to be a double standard, there would have to be two actual standards. But it appears that racial minorities of the correct political persuasion are held to no standard at all, whatsoever, while white people of the incorrect persuasion are held only to this simple standard: everything they do and say is wrong and also racist. And if one of them gets bound, gagged, and brutalized, well, it’s nothing but a minor incident of battery. No reason to even discuss it.

“The whole thing is just despicable.

“There has been an attempt by some people to write this incident off as an aberration. But it’s not an aberration. The thugs who kidnapped, tortured, and scalped a disabled white teen were acting with the same disregard for human life that led to 700 murders in Chicago last year.

“The crisis in our inner cities is that so many kids are growing up without any form of moral guidance whatsoever. The result, ultimately, is that their consciences aren’t formed, and an unformed conscience is a dead conscience.

“That’s what I saw in that horrible video: young adults with absolutely no moral compass at all. People who delight in evil for evil’s sake. Utter indifference. And utter indifference, as we’ve seen, is even worse than mere hate.”

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