Common Core Exposed


Project Veritas investigated Common Core.  It wasn’t pretty.

Undercover Common I: Exec Says “I hate kids…it’s all about the money” [7:49]

Undercover Common II: Another Top Publishing Exec: “It’s never about the kids” [4:46]

Undercover Common III: Exec reveals anti-American agenda [10:05]

Undercover Common IV: Common Core Insider Reveals Info About LA Bid Rigging Scandal [6:30]

Maybe I’m naive and maybe I’m wrong, but I agree with Santorum, that control of curriculum standards should be at the grass roots level.  I also believe in giving parents tuition vouchers that apportion to each school-age child a fair share of the education tax dollars.  Let them spend those dollars where they choose.  If a local school is doing well, parents won’t take their kids out.  But lousy schools will very quickly fail, as they should.



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    Project VERITAS exposes the idiocy that is “common core”…They hate kids, the Second Amendment, and are in it for the money. Great piece by Chrissy-the-Hyphenated…

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    Thank God I live in a state that doesn’t use common core.

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