Immature Snowflake

I watched the interview and was really dumbfounded that someone so smart could be so lacking in common sense.

Bittle’s gripe basically is that Trump and his people have bigger pulpits than he does and loads more power to make their policies become realities for America and that’s SO NOT FAIR!

He is editor of something that he also writes for.  IMHO, he already has a pulpit that is appropriate to his station in life. He’s a student, for crying out loud!  Donald Trump is about 50 years older and won a national election.

But instead of pulling up his big boy panties and trying to understand why his side lost or, I don’t know, trying to understand what the opposition actually believes and thinking about how maybe we’re right, this immature twat promotes civil disobedience to try and force the opposition leadership to do things his way.

Then, when Carlson calls him out on it, he claims he was just joking. Uh … no. Carlson gave Bittle a chance to make his case on a very highly rated t.v. news show. Sadly, the only thing he accomplished was to show us what a rotten job his parents did of raising him.
What do you want to bet he’s got a closet full of Participation Trophies at home?

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  1. Pistol Pete

    I had this on last night while I was toiling over a hot keyboard.listening to this whiny little simp all I could think of was:spoiled little trust fund pissant,probably lives in his parents’ basement,suffers from impotence and is a closet drag queen.his parental units are proud of the way he expresses his feelings.

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