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Despicable Me, John Kerry

John Kerry is the definition of a classic liberal. As a college student he realized politics was the only profession where you can make millions while accomplishing basically nothing. He enlisted in the Navy because he felt it would “look good on his resume.” In a span of four months he managed to recommend himself for three Purple Hearts, one for getting rice kernels lodged in his ass when he threw a grenade into a pile of rice bags. He made sure there was a cameraman to film his shooting a teenage Viet Cong in the back as he ran away.

He married heiress Julia Thorne in 1970. Thorne met Kerry in 1963 at her family’s estate in Bay Shore, New York on Long Island. Kerry was a Yale classmate of Thorne’s twin brother David. Thorne married Kerry on May 23, 1970 and divorced on July 25, 1988, after a six-year separation. She and John had two daughters together.

Overall, Kerry had lackluster grades at Yale, graduating with a cumulative average of 76 over his four years. His freshman-year average was a 71, but he improved to an 81 average his senior year. He never received an “A” during his time at Yale; his highest grade was an 89.


After the charade of serving in the Navy, he committed the ultimate betrayal of testifying falsely about the “atrocities’ he claimed he saw American soldiers commit. After returning to the United States, Kerry joined the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). Then numbering about 20,000, VVAW was considered by some (including the administration of President Richard Nixon) to be an effective, if controversial, component of the antiwar movement.Congressman James Shannon, a favorite of House Speaker Tip O’Neill, was the early favorite to win the nomination, and he “won broad establishment support and led in early polling.”  Again as in 1982, however, Kerry prevailed in a close primary.

In his general election campaign, Kerry promised to mix liberalism with tight budget controls. He defeated Republican Ray Shamie despite a nationwide landslide for the re-election of Republican President Ronald Reagan, for whom Massachusetts voted by a narrow margin.[80][81] In his victory speech, Kerry asserted that his win meant that the people of Massachusetts “emphatically reject the politics of selfishness and the notion that women must be treated as second-class citizens.”

[CtH: Sorry, pal, but when you win by a narrow margin, it means the voters haven’t “emphatically” done anything.]


That Time John Kerry Defamed America and American Soldiers
An official investigation was launched based on the stories put forth by Kerry’s VVAW and many of the veterans refused to cooperate even though they were offered immunity.

“One soldier,” wrote Skinner, “admitted that his testimony had been coached by members of the Nation of Islam.”

Former Soviet intelligence chiefs have taken credit for fabricating stories about U.S. atrocities and throwing them towards Western audiences.

Many of the soldiers denied that they were the ones that gave testimony, claiming that their identities had been stolen, according to Skinner.

John Kerry’s practiced betrayal of friends
John Kerry doesn’t come late to the betrayal of friends. He has had considerable practice.

Mr. Kerry proceeded to slander and defame hundreds of thousands of young Americans who were serving at their country’s call in a distant place where none wanted to be, doing their best at achieving the impossible.

Old soldiers who served with him on the Mekong were astonished at his fanciful recital of comic-book war story, and gave their eloquent version three decades later when Mr. Kerry was the Democratic candidate for president. They said he was full of it, “it” being neither heroism nor witness to truth. He was a phony, Purple Hearts and Bronze and Silver stars or not.

He is diplomat enough to hide some of them until a convenient time arrives, and a convenient time arrived with President Obama’s betrayal of Israel at the United Nations, when at the president’s bidding the United States declined to veto a malignantly one-sided resolution condemning the Jewish state for its policy of using settlements on the West Bank as bargaining chips if the Palestinians should give up their dream of evicting Israel from the globe and seek a lasting peace.

Barack Obama entertains himself by fussing over his legacy, eager to be remembered as an American icon, perhaps to replace George Washington. John Kerry was eager to assist him with the betrayal of Israel. Both president and secretary of State were doing what comes naturally.

Mitchell to Kerry: ‘How Disappointed Are You’ Trump Could Undo Your Hard ‘Work’ on Israel?

Mitchell obsessed about Trump (instead of actual points of contention in the Middle East) by fretting: “How difficult is it for you to operate in this atmosphere where the President-elect is communicating directly with Prime Minister Netanyahu?”

[CtH: Mitchell is plenty old enough to remember that PEOTUS Obama was sticking his not-president-yet nose into foreign affairs at this point in his career also.  Leftists are such flipping hypocrites!]

“But also that is an impact because he had a direct impact. He called Egypt’s president. As a result of his call, of Prime minister Netanyahu’s call, Egypt pulled down the resolution. That is part of the reason you were then accused of orchestrating other sponsors of it,” Mitchell added when Kerry chose not to completely take her bait.

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Slate: Home of Racist Trolls


Tweeter snark:

  • Obviously the country was ready, because they BOUGHT THE MUSIC. Enough with the #fakenews racial division.
  • Apparently, Slate thinks Americans only started buying music made by black women in 2016.
  • Dear infants: Understand that history did not begin the day you were born.
  • Slate: Google The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Etta James, Tina Turner, Marion Anderson, Diana Ross, Ertha Kitt, Leontyne Price, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Roberta Flack, Janet Jackson, Salt n Pepa, Toni B, The Pointer Sisters, Sade.
  • Black women have kicked ass and been music leaders for a long time.
  • This level of race baiting bargle can only be written by someone who has never figured out how to use an interwebs search engine.
  • Slate: Journalism for the Idiocracy.


Trolling or just stupid? Slate goes full racist / sexist out of the gate to start 2017, Twitter ROLLS eyes


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The latest pathetic excuse for Hillary’s defeat

Last week, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes blamed Hillary’s defeat on Twitter.  It seems a study revealed that the top three election controversies on Twitter all involved Clinton.  The graph is hard to read, but from what I can make out, a bunch of the lower ones also involved Clinton.  E.g., Abedin/Weiner, Clinton’s Health, Loretta Lynch.


WikiLeaks = 33,083,038 tweets

Hayes claimed that the WikiLeaks e-mail dumps “produced no legitimate scandal” which is a flat out lie. The revelations from the leaked e-mails was so damaging that Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign as DNC Chair and CNN fired Donna Brazile.  And do let’s recall that Twitter is user driven.  It was VOTERS who were tweeting all this stuff, not the media or the campaign machines.

E-mail scandal = 21,123,778

Hayes claimed the FBI found “no wrongdoing” in Clinton’s sending classified e-mails via an unsecured, private server while she was Secretary of State.  That’s also a flat out lie.  The FBI did not find grounds to prosecute Clinton, but Director James Comey made it perfectly clear that her handling of classified material had been extremely reckless, which was obviously a concern for those deciding if she could be trusted with the more important and more sensitive post of POTUS.

Her “basket of deplorables” smear of Trump’s supporters = 5,989,433

Interestingly, Hayes had nothing to say about this one, maybe because he was another of those Leftist “journos” who didn’t have a problem with Hillary’s Sept. 9, 2016 statement, because he agreed with it.

Hayes said he also agreed with the conclusion reached by the organization that did the study, that Twitter helped Hillary lose, because “the medium moved on too quickly for anything to really stick to Trump.”

NEVER MIND that it moved just as fast for Clinton as it did for Trump.



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Psychophant Symphony

OK, it’s sycophant. I know that. It’s called a play on words. Poetic license. I can do that. My post. Get over it.

The media whores have been slobbering over the Magic Negro for more than eight tragically long years. He had no credentials other than his daddy was black. No experience, no ambition other than a chance to impose his twisted vision of a disgraced and degraded nation. They were foursquare behind him and never made a hint of a protest to anything he did.

I was no fan of Donald Trump at the outset, but it retrospect, he’s the only candidate who could have beaten the Clinton machine and the media attack dogs. He was the right man at the right time. He used social media to get around the chattering class and go directly to the people. The press will resume their adversarial role, but it won’t make much difference to someone who earned everything he has by himself and apologizes to no one.

This is how the slobbering media started covering Obama’s reign of terror and it never let up:
Newsweek Editor Calls Obama “sort of God” – Literally

Obama Compares Himself To Jesus Christ At Christmas Event

Chris Matthews Admits: “I Honestly Had A Thrill Up My Leg”


We Are The Ones song by will.i.am – Obama

Colbert Gives Final Praise of ‘Passionate, Intelligent, and Dignified’ Obama at Kennedy Center Awards

The 39th Annual Kennedy Center Honors show on CBS is yet another awards show you probably don’t watch, but it actually honors people who do have talent. However, if we’re to believe lefty host Stephen Colbert, that talent apparently also includes our lame duck president. Barack Obama has proven to be “passionate, intelligent, and dignified” over the past eight years, Colbert proclaimed as the D.C. audience gave him a standing ovation. Give me a break.

Brian Stelter Glorifies Media, Paints Them as Victims of Trump in CNN’s Election Look Back Book
“A keen observer of the public mood, he knew how to cast blame on an unpopular industry that was hardly in a position to fight back,” he proclaimed in the opening paragraph of his rant. “He was a one-person driver of ratings and readership and a serious menace to press freedom,” Stelter smeared.

Barack Obama Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year With A Picture Of . . . Barack Obama

The Worst of MSNBC in 2016
With the hopes of steering another election into the Democratic column, MSNBC leaned far forward in 2016 on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the hopes of an ascendant Democratic Party to carry on the legacy of President Obama (“the most noble man who has ever lived in the White House”).
Those hopes were dashed.
Here’s the worst of Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and the gang in another year of left-wing lunacy on cable’s most ridiculous news channel.








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Hope ‘n Change: Year in Rebuke, Part 1

Below is just part of the post at Hope ‘n Change, which has been somewhat modified by CtH.  You can see the original in full at the URL below.

JANUARY: John “You Rang?” Kerry downgraded our nation’s goal from “destroying, degrading, or disrupting” the maniacal killers to merely “denting” them. He apparently hopes to make Hillary look like only the second worst Secretary of State ever.


FEBRUARY: Beloved conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly dies. Obama decides to skip Scalia’s funeral owing to an absolutely unavoidable scheduling conflict involving a critical tee time.


MARCH:  A series of deadly explosions rocked Brussels, targeting the Belgian capital’s main airport and metro system.  ISIS claimed responsibility.  Rather than doing diddly-squat about the carnage in Brussels, Obama attended a baseball game with new BFF Raul Castro, then jetted off to Argentina where he performed a stiff and rather bloodless tango at a state dinner.

APRIL:  The tone deaf president assembles a group of allegedly popular rappers to help with his “Brother’s Keeper” initiative which aims to keep young minority men out of the criminal justice system.  During the president’s remarks, rapper Rick Ross’s court-ordered ankle bracelet went off. It turns out that the man selected by Mr. Obama to serve as an exemplary racial role model was required to wear the device until his trial date for aggravated assault and battery, pistol-whipping, and kidnapping.  According to Rolling Stone, other role models at the meeting included Ludacris (left album graphic) and Nicki Minaj (right album graphic).


MAY:  By a significant margin, Hoosiers go to the polls to declare that they find Trump to be the candidate who is outstanding in the field. And trust us, Indiana folk (like us!) love jokes about fields. Cruz drops out of the race, practically guaranteeing Trump’s nomination.


JUNE:  On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 people and wounded 53 others at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. During the shooting, Mateen called 911 and swore allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  After a three-hour standoff, Mateen was shot and killed by police.


Here’s the rest.


Extra Reading:

JANUARY: “I think that by the end of 2016, our goal of very seriously denting Daesh in Iraq and Syria and of trying to have an impact on Mosul (in Iraq) and Raqa (in Syria) will be achieved,” Kerry told reporters on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, using an alternative name for ISIS.


FEBRUARY: Obama had no public schedule on the day of Scalia’s funeral.  The last Supreme Court justice to die in office was Chief Justice William Rehnquist in 2005.  President George W. Bush gave the eulogy at his funeral.


MARCH: After delivering brief remarks on the terrorist attacks, Obama went to a baseball game.  He defended his decision, saying to cancel would have played into the terrorists’ hands.  “The whole premise of terrorism is to try to disrupt people’s ordinary lives.” Plus, you know, baseball.  Then, Obama went to Argentina where he danced a tango with a professional dancer.  While Stilton referred to this as “pelvis grinding”, I noticed the president kept a LOT of air between his pelvis and his partner’s.  Well, Michelle was there, after all.  And we saw in 2013, when they attended Nelson Mandela’s funeral (yes, he did go to THAT funeral), how she reacted to him getting too flirty with another woman.  Pelvis grinding?  Not gonna happen.



APRIL: The ankle monitor thing actually happened.


JUNE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Orlando_nightclub_shooting

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