NYT columnists “troubled” by Trump’s New Year’s tweet


NY Times’ Tom Friedman tweeted,

  • “On New Year’s Eve President-elect Trump actually called some fellow Americans his ‘enemies’. Really sad and troubling.”

BEST snarky replies:

  • “I know!! And everybody’s been so nice to him!”
  • “I missed it. Did he call them ‘bitter clingers’ or ‘deplorables’?”

Other tweeters asked, “Were you as troubled when Pres Obama called fellow Americans his ‘enemies’ and asked his supporters to help him punish them?” and reminded him about that time Hillary Clinton bragged that she was actually PROUD of her enemies list.



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One response to “NYT columnists “troubled” by Trump’s New Year’s tweet

  1. Grow up, Tom Friedman…you and your “progressive” ilk are NOT, and have NEVER BEEN our “fellow Americans”…