Media lapdogs resolve to become real journos again


Tweeters had some excellent snark to offer in response.

  • Media’s back from its sabbatical?  Good to know.
  • So you admit that “real reporting” hasn’t been going on during Obama years.
  • Lap dogs? You were ventriloquist dummies for the Democrat party.
  • What recent developments caused this realization?
  • “Now more than ever” means “now that Obama’s gone.”
  • Refreshing to see you admit that you’ve taken the last 8 years off from real reporting. Baby steps.
  • Should the whole “watch dog” gig not work out, you can be Hillary’s therapy dogs.
  • They should be well rested, since they weren’t doing any real reporting 2008-2016.
  • The people who destroyed journalism with their partisan lies are now worried about the demise of journalism. Still no apology. No remorse.
  • This right here is why people hate you guys.
  • Sorry, not interested in your newfound “morality.”
  • The thing about reputation and respectability – once it’s gone it’s gone.
  • Like you can just magically create credibility after 8 years of non-stop ass kissing?
  • Time to blow 8 yrs of dust off those homelessness and hardships of working poor stories. To the grievance-mobile!
  • Don’t forget the “young soldiers’ lives tragically lost in stupid Republican wars” stories. Those are always a big hit.
  • Translation: Before, we just lied. Now that Hitler is President, we will lie with conviction!



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2 responses to “Media lapdogs resolve to become real journos again

  1. Pistol Pete

    Check here tomorrow morning.’Memes R Us’ had media sophistry on sale.I bought a bunch.


  2. neal

    Come to Jesus to keep your bullshit phoned in “jobs”?
    Now they are going to have to learn to fake inspiration on top of sincerity whilst being paid.

    Good luck with that.