Mascot Update: Cleaning

Bunny helped clear away the mountains of snow that fell on their home.


And Buzz helped clean up the abominable and expensive mess he made in the kitchen when certain parties of the husbandly persuasion did not put the Shakeology powder back in the cupboard.  Buzz likes to throw stuff.  I dunno if it’s a Buzz thing or an autism thing.


Mama Buzz can always be counted on to find the silver lining … eventually.

“While I was initially pissed, I am now just annoyed.  I decided to find positives while I was cleaning instead of stewing.  For example, my kitchen is getting a thorough cleaning.  Have you ever vacuumed a stove or oven?  I have!  Also, it was only half a bag Shakeology and not a whole bag.  And, I didn’t beat the crap out of my son.”


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