Liberal celebrities can be such dirtbags


News that Debbie Reynolds had passed away just a day after daughter Carrie Fisher was met with shock and sadness by most, but celebrities Jean-Luc Bilodope and Charlie Sheen decided it was a good excuse to hang their dirtbaggery out for all to see.



Tweeters called them out big time:

  • No matter how bad life gets, I never actively root for someone to die. That is a truly evil soul.
  • What is wrong with people? Just stop. It’s not cute or funny.
  • U know darn well if some1 said something like this abt Obama it’d be all over news & anchors’d b raging. Save ur double standard.
  • The difference between us and liberals is that we value life. We may hate liberal policies, but we would never wish illness or death on any of them … not ever!



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  1. hocuspocus13

    …I wonder what drug good old Charlie was on when he posted that?

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