About Adam “Fake News” Saleh


Hmmm … let me think which one I believe.  

Guess which one libtards like actress Maggie Gyllenhaal believed.  She tweeted:

“This isn’t FAKE news. It’s A: Provocative performance about racism, or B: A racist thing that actually happened.”

Tweeters responded.

  • “Or C: A douchebag trying to annoy people on a plane then screaming ‘racism’ because he got caught.”
  • “Or C: A punk profiteering off of ppl’s heightened awareness on airplanes post-9/11-ISIS terrorism.”
  • “IOW, this is either real and therefore racism, or fake and therefore racism. “
  • “Except Islam isn’t a race.”
  • “And all the eyewitnesses said it wasn’t A.”
  • “Trying to frame innocent people as racist is now ‘performance art’?”
  • “A hoax is now ‘performance art’?
  • “An aircraft is not a place for a performance.”
  • “I’ll remember to tell the Air Marshals before I brandish a box-cutter on my next flight, ‘It’s just provocative performance art. Calm down.'”
  • “Is there anything the Hollywood Left can’t excuse?”



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