I don’t get it


I’ve heard Protestants criticize Catholics for allegedly paying too much attention to Mary, by which they seem to mean any attention whatsoever beyond a tasteful, low-key Nativity at Christmas.

One of them said to me once, “We’re supposed to pay attention to Jesus.  Just Jesus.”

Really?  And when your spouse loves on your mom or your kid loves on your spouse, do you jump in the middle and holler, “Pay attention to ME.  Just ME!”

Of course you don’t.

In fact, unless you’re a total jerk, I’m guessing it warms the cockles of your heart when people you love show their love for each other.

Plus, there’s that whole “Honor your father and your mother” thing.  When we give our lives to Jesus, He becomes our brother.  That means, His mom becomes our mom in a very real way.  How is it honoring her (or her Son) to jump down Catholics’ throats for acting like she’s pretty darned special?

And tell me, if you will, dear Sola Scriptura Protestant … where in the Bible does it say we’re supposed to ignore the mother of Our Lord?  Cuz I’ve read the whole Bible (and mine is longer than yours!) and I didn’t see a single verse that would support such a doctrine.

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