No scandals? HA!

The definition that the Left and its lapdog media use for “scandal” depends entirely on which party would be damaged.  Thus, Obama’s scandals have all been dismissed as whacky, right-wing, conspiracy theories that were unworthy of any intelligent person’s attention.

Just consider Obama’s still absent birth certificate.  Multiple document specialists have proven that the images the White House released were forgeries.  Obama scoffed at it all, chortling that he could hardly go around with his birth certificate glued to his forehead.  And the media let him get away with it.

This has been going on for decades.  Anita Hill’s testimony about something Clarence Thomas said to her once upon a time was offered shrilly as proof positive he wasn’t fit to serve on the Supreme Court.  And Mitt Romney’s efforts to find qualified women for his gubernatorial cabinet (“binders full of women”) was dishonestly turned into a “sexist white guy” scandal.

But the accusations made by numerous women as to the sexual predations of former President Bill Clinton were all dismissed as politically motivated lies cooked up by “floozies.”  The Left even managed to make the term “river-boating” into a synonym for “politically motivated lying”, totally dismissing all the testimony given by John Kerry’s fellow sailors about his cowardly and incompetent behavior in Vietnam and his scandalous testimony before Congress afterward.

Need I go on?



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  1. Pistol Pete

    Let’s be clear;having an affair with the neighbors wife is a scandal.What these people have done is commit serial acts of criminality.