Trump wins (again)

Today, Donald Trump obtained the required 270 electoral votes to become president.  The next, and last, official step in the electoral process is for Congress to count the votes on January 6.


Twitchy collected some of the leftist whining (see link below).  Funny thing here.  THEY made the electoral college vote a big deal, so they’ve got no one but themselves to blame for their having this second terrible, awful, no good, really bad day.  I don’t remember ever noticing before that that the electoral college vote even happened.



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5 responses to “Trump wins (again)

  1. jbob45

    Desparate times call for desparate deeds. Desparado Democrats failed to twist results in their favor, first because Jill Stein took all the $7 million raised to fund a recount and diverted it to fix her teeth. Then next because everyone figured out “Vote your conscience” was Orwellian double-jabber for orders to intimidate electoral college votes into submission. You’d think by now it’s all over. But don’t drop your guards just yet, cuz them devilish Dems got one more trick up their sleeves come January 6 when Congress does the official count. See, what they got planned is to force Congress to use common core math to get the official tally. Everybody wins! Bwahahahahaaaaa!!!


  2. Forgive me for posting one of my own videos? It’s short.

    There was a disturbance after the Wisconsin EC vote.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      “You don’t deserve to be in America” ?? The Constitution says states make the electoral rules and the Supreme Court has ruled that electors are supposed to vote the way the people voted. YOU wanted the electors to ignore the will of the people AND the Constitution AND the Supreme Court, which mmmmmmmmm seems to make you the one who doesn’t deserve to be here, you freakin’ libtard whacko.