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Obama Warns Trump Against Using Too Many Executive Orders

Keep in mind, though, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done,” the president told NPR. “In my first two years, I wasn’t relying on executive powers, because I had big majorities in the Congress and we were able to get bills done, get bills passed
Critics have castigated Obama for what they call his extensive use of executive orders. In January with over a year to go in office, Obama had issued more executive orders in terms of pages of regulations than any other president. Obama’s orders have not been as numerous as those of Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, but some have had substantial effects on policy–like his 2014 action on immigration.
Jake Tapper grills Loretta Lynch on her Tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton: ‘It was painful for me’
CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her notorious tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton in June, while agencies under her supervision were investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.
“I do regret sitting down and having a conversation with him, because it did give people concern,” Lynch responded. “And as I said, my greatest concern has always been making sure that people understand that the Department of Justice works in a way that is independent and looks at everybody equally
Obama Is Setting Up Shadow Government to Undermine Trump Starting on Inauguration Day

They rented an eight-bedroom mansion in the section of Washington near Joe Lockhart, Bill Clinton’s last press secretary. In that house there’s enough room for Valerie Jarrett and Michelle and the kids. A place for ten cars to park. They are setting up what they are calling a shadow government.

Pete Hegseth: The Obamas claim it is because the children want to stay in D.C..

Ed Klein: That’s not the real reason they are staying there. They are staying there because despite what the president said in his press conference, he’s in a sense of outrage over this incoming Trump Administration, which he thinks is going to wipe out his legacy. So he’s setting up this kind of almost insurgency, picking people in foreign affairs, labor, abortion, union matters and setting them up to start appearing on television, making speeches and doing op-ed pieces for next four years, you’re going to see not only a Trump Administration but you’re going to see a shadow government opposing the Trump…

House Freedom Caucus List: 200 Rules, Regulations, Programs For Trump To Eliminate Jan. 20

“These last eight years, we have seen a disturbing trend of the federal government unnecessarily inserting themselves more and more into the lives of hardworking Americans – and the results have been economically disastrous,” said Rep. Mark R. Meadows (R.-N.C.), who is slated to take over the leadership of the House Freedom Caucus in the next session of Congress.
Psychiatry Professors Ask Obama To COMMAND Trump To Submit To Mental Examination

A trio of psychiatrists has sent a letter to President Barack Obama advising him to command President-elect Donald Trump to submit to “a full medical and neuropsychiatric evaluation.”
200,000 Expected To Protest Trump The Day After Inauguration

D.C. police confirmed Thursday morning that they have issued a permit for the Women’s March on Washington to gather for what is expected to be the largest demonstration around the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.
Trump of “treason” a month before he takes office

A specter of treason hovers over Donald Trump. He has brought it on himself by dismissing a bipartisan call for an investigation of Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee as a “ridiculous” political attack on the legitimacy of his election as president.
Laura Ingraham has a ‘good-bye’ gif for Obama and fans are diggin’ it
Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham used a 1973 film noir classic, “The Long Goodbye” to described the excruciatingly slow process of President Obama’s departure from the White House.

She called it “The longest goodbye,” prompting fans of the conservative talk radio host to nod wearily in agreement.
Now There Are Calls for Consent Before Kids Receive Hugs and Kisses from Grandma
Kids own their bodies, and must give consent before hugs and kisses from Grandma. That’s an argument from Scary Mommy:

Teaching children about consent is crucial, so why do some parents still insist their kids hug and kiss relatives even if they don’t want to? As consent and bodily autonomy become a bigger conversation, there are those speaking out about how we need to give children agency over their own bodies — even if it means turning down hugs from grandma and grandpa.
The piece shares this meme found on social media:







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  1. Pistol Pete

    New AG Can ‘Flip the Switch’ To Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities, Says Texas Congressman

    Speaking to a group of supporters in Houston this week, Culberson said existing law allows the Trump Administration to not only stop future funding to these jurisdictions, but actually take back past funding. Culberson, who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, and Science, said he has briefed members of the Trump transition team about the report from the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Inspector General (OIG) that details the defunding process.


  2. Pistol Pete

    Trump Is the Bear From ‘The Revenant’
    Gingrich said Trump is like the grizzly bear from the movie The Revenant in a speech to the Heritage Foundation last week.

    “Donald Trump is the grizzly bear in The Revenant. If you get his attention, he will get awake,” Gingrich said. “When he gets awake, he will walk over and bite your face off.”


  3. chrissythehyphenated

    MTV “2017 New Year Resolutions for White Guys”

    Watch the video, then scroll down and read the tweets that shred it. The video is awful, but those tweets are funny stuff.

    My personal favorites:

    “MTV comes through with the first Trump 2020 ad.”
    “You know what? I get why people voted Trump now.”

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  4. chrissythehyphenated

    I really could’ve used that safe kids meme when I was little. I taught my girls to tell me if anyone tried to touch them in a way that made them uncomfortable because nobody ever gave me permission to do that and, when I tried, I got shut down.

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  5. Ting

    I cannot imagine why the new attorney general would not “flip that switch” on funding Sanctuary Cities immediately. It has always just sent me into a slow boil every time I think about it.

    And those 3 psychiatrists who want Obama to “command” that Trump undergo the ridiculous medical/psych exams that they want… How in the world do they think Obama can “command” anyone to have some kind of exam like that, particularly Donald Trump? I think if anyone needs to be commanded to be evaluated, it is those 3 themselves.


  6. A trio of psychiatrists has sent a letter to President Barack Obama…

    They misspelled “psychotics”.

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