Sunday Fun with Jeff

Got about another 4-5″ of snow since yesterday. With the wind blowing around here there was a drift almost 2 ft. deep in front of the garage door. I waited 2 hours yesterday to have a new set of heavy duty snow tires put on my little Chevy Cruze, then filled it with gas and put 100# of kitty litter in the trunk. Without the new rubber I never would have finished delivering papers this morning. It is about 15 right now, but by this afternoon it will be below zero. When I head off to work tomorrow it will be -12 to -14. After 35 years of driving a truck there isn’t much I haven’t been through.

Just found a bunch of these and thought you might enjoy them if you’re not into pro football.

“The lost Star Wars auditions” | JEFF DUNHAM

“The Super Bowl at Jeff Dunham’s house” | JEFF DUNHAM




Jeff Dunham and Bubba J AT the American Country Music Awards

This is from somebody’s cell phone camera

Jeff Dunham & Bubba J have a message for you about Drone Safety

Fails, Bloopers, and Outtakes – 2016 COMPILATION | JEFF DUNHAM

Guess who has his eye on the White House?” | JEFF DUNHAM

When She’s Gotta Catch a Man | Pokemon Go Parody | JEFF DUNHAM

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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I’m glad you know the kitty litter trick. I learned an additional trick from a north-mid-westerner that saved me twice from needing a tow truck. Windshield wiper fluid. Gallons of it also in the trunk. It’s got antifreeze in it, so it’s brilliant for melting ice under your wheels. Combined with the grit of the kitty litter, it’s ACES for driving your car right out of an impossible spot.

    I once even drove my school bus UP a steep, icy hill with it. A group of us drove kids home up a steep, steep hill, which resulted in a turn around at the Ross Park Zoo parking lot. The first and second (mine) buses didn’t realize how icy the parking lot was until we got good and stuck down the steep hill. Fortunately, the kids were all off the bus.

    Once I realized I was going nowhere, I set the brakes and hitched a ride home with the bus behind me that had seen our predicament in time to NOT turn into the usual turn around spot. We went back to the lot where the other driver informed the boss two of us needed a tow. Meanwhile, I got my little Toyota, which had copious amounts of kitty litter and wiper fluid in the trunk, and headed back to my poor bus.

    Once there, I poured the fluid under the drive wheels and made a dual trail as far as it would go, then made a dual trail of kitty litter up and over the crest of the hill. Meanwhile, my fellow driver who was a total MORON just kept trying to do what didn’t work, which was racing the engine and s pinning the wheels uselessly. This only resulted in the bus sliding further DOWN the hill.

    When our boss arrived, in the freezing cold and near dusk conditions, he was THRILLED to discover only one bus needed towing. Mine was parked back on the street. He was flummoxed until I showed him the twin trails of gritty muck I’d driven out on. He grinned so big … and he wasn’t one to ever even smile! … told me to get on home and add the cost of my supplies to my time card. He’d drive my bus back to the lot.