Tucker Carlson vs. Liberal Trump-Hating College Professor

Professor Macula: “Casting a vote for a candidate who doesn’t exhibit the values of honesty, tolerance, equal protection, and respect is civically irresponsible.”

Wow.  Did he actually support Hillary Clinton … the candidate who has proven herself to be dishonest again and again, who called all Trump supporters “a basket full of deplorables”, who said the Catholic Church needs to change its teachings about abortion, and who promised to continue Obama’s policy of infringing on the religious freedoms of Catholics and Christians who oppose abortion and gay marriage?

These things were not said or done by Clinton supporters, but by Clinton HERSELF.  Sheesh.

And, ROFLL, “weasly inference.”  Awesome, Tucker.  Just awesome.

Tucker Carlson vs. Professor claiming Trump legitimized White power movement  [7:25]

H/t Pistol Pete


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