In a world at war …

… should any president be skipping his daily intelligence briefings?

In an interview with Chris Wallace and “Fox News Sunday” over the weekend, President-elect Donald Trump indicated that he does not like to receive intelligence briefings every day, because the information can become repetitive.  

Naturally, the media and liberal opponents are apoplectic.  But where were they during all of the past 8 years when President Obama was routinely skipping more than half of his daily intelligence briefings?


Personally, I think Trump should probably sit through them regardless.  But I’m just a Military Mom, so what do I know?




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2 responses to “In a world at war …

  1. Was listening to Kilmeade (I think it was) last night on the drive home, and he remarked that what Trump wants is to shape the briefings to his liking. If repetitiveness is a problem, it may be because for the last 8 years no one was listening. I would wager he isn’t missing anything.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      I was thinking something like that also. I have a difficult time believing that there isn’t enough good intel to inform an engaged president daily. But when you’ve got a president like Obama who mostly doesn’t show up, then, yeah, the briefings have to be repetitive to make sure he actually gets the highlights when he does show up.

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