The Democrats’ “Delegitimize Trump” Follies

I say “follies”, but it isn’t fun or funny, because it’s not about making sure the people elected the president, but about making it as difficult as possible for Donald Trump to accomplish anything while in office.

“If you’re worried about society being ripped apart by a divisive outcome, you have way more to fear from Hillary winning in an electoral-college insurrection than you do from President Trump.” – AllahPundit


The “Russia hacked voting machines!” Recount Follies:

Michigan: A judge canceled the recount, ruling that Jill Stein had no standing to request one. Recount efforts in Detroit proved futile anyway, since the ballots on the books didn’t match the voting machine printouts in 59 percent of the heavily Democrat precincts.

Wisconsin: With 95 percent of Wisconsin’s vote recounted by Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton had picked up a whopping 25 votes on Trump, who won the state by more than 22,000 votes.

Pennsylvania: A federal judge halted Stein’s efforts for a recount, citing a lack of credible evidence that any ‘hack’ occurred and the fact that Stein had no standing to demand a recount.

The “Electors can vote for Hillary!” Harassment Follies:

Targeting the 538 Trump electors with phone calls, emails, death threats, and online “Dump Trump” petitions has so far netted only one faithless elector.

“[The left] sees Trump’s victory as an opportunity to further radicalize new recruits and tear the country apart. … After presiding over two terms of unprecedented national division, they aren’t through tearing America apart.– Daniel Greenfield


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