Russian to Judgment

From Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope ‘n Change:


Barack Obama has ordered a “full review” of cyber-chicanery associated with the 2016 elections, under the belief that Russia may have tampered with our sacred voting process by somehow having created a 30 year history of corruption by Hillary Clinton and everyone she’s ever been in contact with.

Hope n’ Change actually thinks it pretty unlikely that Russia* had anything to do with the release of damning information about Hillary and her cohorts in crime. After all, if they had hacked all this dirt (not to mention every Top Secret hosted on her email server) wouldn’t they want Hillary to win so that they’d own an American President because of all the blackmail potential?

That’s why we think it far more likely that the source of the hacked material was an individual patriot from the Democratic party or a domestic intelligence agency who saw this as the only way to save America from a corrupt, shrieking, money-grubbing, two-faced, brain-damaged harpy with a gift for screwing up every policy issue she’s ever touched.

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*I had a similar thought, but for a different reason.  Republicans fight back, so it stands to reason that Russia would much prefer to have a bend-over-for-the-soap Democrat in the Oval Office.


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