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Remember when an American president was caught actually conspiring with Russia?

And, remember how Democrats and their puppet media Did Not Care, even though we were, GASP, right in the middle of an election season?

President Obama was caught on camera assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.

As he was leaning toward Medvedev in Seoul, Obama was overheard asking for time — “particularly with missile defense” — until he was in a better position politically.

“I understand your message about space,” replied Medvedev, who handed over the presidency to Putin months later.

“This is my last election … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

“I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” said Medvedev, Putin’s protégé and long considered number two in Moscow’s power structure.


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Wikileaks: Leak source was Democrat insider, not foreign hackers

This information is more than a month old.  The MSM and Democrat troublemakers pushing the “Russians hacked the election” meme are full of crap.




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Stein’s Recount Efforts Officially End

Recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan were halted by judicial order.  Wisconsin just finished theirs and said Trump still won the state.  He just did it by a bigger margin than before. LOL




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Fake News: “Russia hacked the election”

Apparently, it’s true that both the DNC and the RNC got hacked.  But two other things are also true:

One — “Intelligence officials told ABC News that the fact that only Democrats’ information was released isn’t enough to prove the motivations of the Russian actors.”– ABC News

Maybe the reason that only Democrats got leaked is that only Democrats were doing dirty tricks like sending debate questions to their candidate.

Two — There is zero evidence that the Russians or anyone else hacked actual votes.  Obama’s Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, confirmed this forcefully more than a week ago.




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Donna Brazile: Zero Credibility

“Donna Brazile has a big problem with Russia’s alleged interference in our recent election. Which in itself is not all that remarkable, as the allegations are unsettling, to say the least.” – Twitchy


“But for Brazile to suggest that she has any moral standing on something like this is … well, it’s pretty ridiculous.” – Twitchy


In October 2016, leaked emails proved that Democratic National Committee boss and now-former CNN contributor Donna Brazile had sent debate questions to the Clinton campaign in advance of the debate, so that Hillary Clinton could be better prepared than Donald Trump was.

The controversy cost Brazile her position with CNN, but she is apparently still the chair of the DNC.  She assumed the post in July 24, 2016, when the DNC announced Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to vacate it following revelations by WikiLeaks of multiple alleged indiscretions by Wasserman Schultz concerning candidate Bernie Sanders.

Soooooo … screwing with the election on behalf of Bernie got Debbie canned as DNC chair, but screwing with the election on behalf of Hillary had no effect on Brazile’s butt sitting in said chair.  Interesting.



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Nothing to see here


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The Democrats’ “Delegitimize Trump” Follies

I say “follies”, but it isn’t fun or funny, because it’s not about making sure the people elected the president, but about making it as difficult as possible for Donald Trump to accomplish anything while in office.

“If you’re worried about society being ripped apart by a divisive outcome, you have way more to fear from Hillary winning in an electoral-college insurrection than you do from President Trump.” – AllahPundit


The “Russia hacked voting machines!” Recount Follies:

Michigan: A judge canceled the recount, ruling that Jill Stein had no standing to request one. Recount efforts in Detroit proved futile anyway, since the ballots on the books didn’t match the voting machine printouts in 59 percent of the heavily Democrat precincts.

Wisconsin: With 95 percent of Wisconsin’s vote recounted by Sunday, Dec. 11, 2016, Hillary Clinton had picked up a whopping 25 votes on Trump, who won the state by more than 22,000 votes.

Pennsylvania: A federal judge halted Stein’s efforts for a recount, citing a lack of credible evidence that any ‘hack’ occurred and the fact that Stein had no standing to demand a recount.

The “Electors can vote for Hillary!” Harassment Follies:

Targeting the 538 Trump electors with phone calls, emails, death threats, and online “Dump Trump” petitions has so far netted only one faithless elector.

“[The left] sees Trump’s victory as an opportunity to further radicalize new recruits and tear the country apart. … After presiding over two terms of unprecedented national division, they aren’t through tearing America apart.– Daniel Greenfield


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The Mascots Await the Messiah


I’d love to believe that Bootz is playing O Holy Night, but as Super Special as all of the PoliNation Mascots are, I think I’ll have to wait on that … maybe next year?!  🙂

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Russian to Judgment

From Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope ‘n Change:


Barack Obama has ordered a “full review” of cyber-chicanery associated with the 2016 elections, under the belief that Russia may have tampered with our sacred voting process by somehow having created a 30 year history of corruption by Hillary Clinton and everyone she’s ever been in contact with.

Hope n’ Change actually thinks it pretty unlikely that Russia* had anything to do with the release of damning information about Hillary and her cohorts in crime. After all, if they had hacked all this dirt (not to mention every Top Secret hosted on her email server) wouldn’t they want Hillary to win so that they’d own an American President because of all the blackmail potential?

That’s why we think it far more likely that the source of the hacked material was an individual patriot from the Democratic party or a domestic intelligence agency who saw this as the only way to save America from a corrupt, shrieking, money-grubbing, two-faced, brain-damaged harpy with a gift for screwing up every policy issue she’s ever touched.

Read the rest @ http://hopenchangecartoons.blogspot.com/2016/12/russian-to-judgement.html

*I had a similar thought, but for a different reason.  Republicans fight back, so it stands to reason that Russia would much prefer to have a bend-over-for-the-soap Democrat in the Oval Office.


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Let’s Get the Starty Parted

Or whatever.

In the left’s latest flight of fantasy, they’ve turned their attention from the failed recount gambit to blaming the Russians for hacking the DNC to help Trump win. Anything to de-legitimize his presidency. This time it’s their turn to piss and moan (my mom’s nicknames for me and my sister, BTW) about every move The Donald makes, from his brand of deodorant to how much it costs NYC for security. John Kennedy (no,not THAT one) won the runoff for David Vitter’s seat in Louisiana, so the GOP picks up the final Senate seat. Which is a good thing, since McStain and Grahamnesty are already conspiring with the ‘rats to cause as much trouble as possible for the new commander-in-chief.

Delegitimizing Trump
What’s really behind the recounts and petitions
The left doesn’t begin with policy critiques of Republican presidential candidates. Instead it accuses them of being temperamentally unfit for the office and illegitimately elected. The anti-Trump playbook is just the anti-Bush playbook with a little dust on the cover and a few more page creases. Bush was a cowboy who stole the election. Trump is erratic and stole the election. The rest is just elaboration.

RINO War Hawks Lindsey Graham and John McCain Call for Investigation of Russia Influencing Election
The Democrat-media complex is obsessed with the conspiracy that Russia flipped the US election to Donald Trump.
So they targeted two war hawk RINOs to lead their conspiracy investigation into Russia.
For the record – Graham is a longtime Trump

Reince Priebus Challenges Chuck Todd: ‘What’s Your Source’?
“What I’m asking you, Chuck, tell me what the specific source that you have, other than the New York Times article. What source are you using to be so adamant to get a response from me? What’s your source?” Priebus exclaimed.


Bolton suggests DNC hack was Obama administration ‘false flag’
Bolton questioned why the Russians would leave clues that show the country was trying undermine Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but no evidence as to whether they had hacked her private email server.
“Why did the Russians run their smart intelligence services against Hillary’s sever and run their dumb intelligence severs to leave clues on the RNC and DNC?” he asked.

Schiff: Obama Should Have Reacted Forcefully Prior to Russia Hacking

“This ought to be a nonpartisan issue. This is not about re-litigating the election. it’s about getting good information to the American people about what happened and preventing it and deterring the Russians in the future,” Schiff added.
(cough cough BULLSHIT cough cough)

Trump: Dems Making Excuses For Losing By Blaming Russians
“It’s just another excuse. I don’t believe it,” Trump said. “… Every week it’s another excuse. We had a massive landslide victory, as you know, in the Electoral College.”
Trump spoke with Fox News’ Chris Wallace in the president-elect’s first Sunday show interview since winning the election.

How fitting! Obama breaks with modern tradition for final White House Christmas card
Because it’s always all about him

Best dressed in black and white!
Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Emma Stone and Kate Beckinsale dazzle in chic gowns on Critics’ Choice Awards red carpet
La La Land was the big winner on the night, nabbing eight gongs, including Best Picture
Casey Affleck won Best Actor for Manchester By The Sea while Natalie Portman bagged Best Actress for her role in Jackie
Moonlight and Arrival both won two awards each after being nominated in 10 categories
The big TV winner was HBO’s The People v. O.J. Simpson, claiming three awards at the ceremony
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on SNL

Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield gatecrashes Silicon Valley win

SNL hilariously mocks Trump’s bad cabinet picks with ‘Breaking Bad’ Walter White for the DEA

Republicans In Congress Prepare Obscure Tactic To Gut Obama Regulations
Republicans are readying an onslaught under what’s known as the Congressional Review Act to cast aside a raft ofObama administration edicts, including rules designed to make it harder for US corporations to avoid taxes; environmental rules aimed at curbing earth-warming emissions; and sweeping changes to overtime regulations that were set to guarantee extra pay for an estimated 4 million Americans.

Showing off his 24K Christmas Magic! Tennessee police officer caught on camera dancing to Bruno Mars while helping raise money for the Salvation Army
Officer Sean Bulow danced while assisting the Salvation Army
He showed off his moves in the hilarious clip, which has been viewed on Facebook more than 960,000 times
Bulow rang a bell and got down on Monday outside a Wal-Mart store










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