Fake News Brian Complains About Fake News


Now this is rich.  Brian Williams, the disgraced ex-NBC journalist who was first suspended for six months without pay and later fired by NBC for reporting fake news, is now going on a crusade against “fake news.”  Notice that both of these stories appeared on the ever-truthful, ever-balanced MSNBC.

Brian Williams Criticizes ‘Fake News’ – MSNBC [:54] — Brian criticizes Trump for tweeting news stories that originated at Breitbart, which is more of a real news source than MSNBC is.

Feb 2015: Brian Williams Apologizes, Recants Iraq Story – MSNBC [5:28] — Oh my goodness.  Williams’ self-aggrandizing fake story was allegedly all about honoring the military.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Fake News sites are real, but they’re neither places like Breitbart — which is a serious news site that doesn’t happen to toe the “make Democrats look good” party line favored by much of the MSM — nor deliberately humorous satire sites — which are clearly labeled as such.

Real Fake News sites are set up purely to make money via advertising for the owners who publish hoaxes and disinformation.  A number of the sites at Wikipedia are attributed to a guy named Jestin Coler, who says he just gives people what they already want to hear.

Some of the sites listed at Wikipedia (see URL below) have look-alike names such as ABCnews.com.co and DrudgeReport.com.co.  ABCnews.com.co is apparently run by the Westboro Baptist Church.  Paul Horner, the owner of the site, has claimed to make $10,000 per month from advertising traffic.

Some of these sites produce stories plausible enough to fake out big time journalists.  As Columbia Journalism Review notes in this article, “we need better BS detectors.”



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