The ABC Connection


There are literally dozens of studies showing that women who undergo induced abortions have a significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

Predictably, the abortion industry pooh-poohs the idea, calling the evidence “weak” and “meaningless.”  Well, duh.  They don’t want pregnant women having any information that might dissuade them from paying for an abortion, even if it involves something DEADLY, like breast cancer, that they claim to care about so much.

Sadly for women who trust abortion providers to give them accurate information, the ABC connection is real.

The ABC connection in INDIA:

Twelve out of twelve studies of breast cancer in India show an increased risk for women who had had abortions.  These findings are important because women in India marry early, do not use the pill, have multiple pregnancies, and breastfeed their babies. In other words, all of the other major risk factors for breast cancer are absent.  The Indian studies also showed that abortion was a stronger risk factor than those affecting Indian women, namely advanced age, having a family history of breast cancer, or being childless.

The ABC connection in CHINA:

A huge meta-analysis of 36 studies done in Mainland China showed a statistically significant risk of breast cancer following abortion. For Chinese women who have had one or more induced abortions, the increased risk was 44%. The risk jumped to 76% for women who had had two or more previous abortions.


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  1. From the point of view of the ZPG crowd, this is a win-win. More abortions, fewer babies, more cancer, more cancer deaths, fewer women around to reproduce — if you’re anti-population, there’s no downside to it.