The Art of Getting It Done

There was a discussion on Redeye Radio this morning on the subject of the democrat prospects of gaining any ground in two years is bleak. Sorry I can’t find the piece they were reading from, but here’s the gist:

The Democrat Party is bound to the climate alarmists and green energy scammers.  Of the eight Rust Belt states, they lost all but one, and Trump came within one point of winning deep-blue Minnesota.

The working people in those states have watched as more and more environmental regulations have pushed once-thriving industries out and more and more of their hard-earned tax money has gone to subsidize wind and solar companies that cannot sustain themselves without government handouts.

Apparently the leftists are more worried about offending the Greens than they are of being a viable party.

Meanwhile, Trump has hit the ground running, naming people who know business to right the ship of state as more and more businesses are poised to return jobs to the U.S. anticipating a cut in corporate taxes and the easing of crushing regulations.

Donald Trump And The Art Of Getting It Done: Not president yet, he’s already restoring hope in the American dream.

They also told us that globalization is an irreversible trend, that it’s therefore impossible to rescue manufacturing jobs, that the economy and the world are in a certain order and that only the foolish or naive would seek to overturn it.
Then Mr. Trump arrived on the scene.
For a new hire who doesn’t start work for another six weeks, he has been a whirling dervish of decision-making, deal-making and status quo-busting.
The man hasn’t even clocked in yet, and he’s already saving American jobs, reassuring allies, striking fear and anxiety in our enemies and standing for freedom and free enterprise.

Trump Asks for List of All Companies Planning on Leaving US – Will Call Each One Individually

Last week Donald Trump warned companies that were planning on leaving the United States.
CNN reported:  “Companies are not going to leave the U.S. anymore without consequences,” Trump said Thursday at the Indiana plant where the company makes furnaces.
Trump said that those consequences would include paying higher tariffs on imports. Carrier announced in February that it would lay off workers and move those jobs to Mexico.

US Steel CEO hopes to bring back jobs they were forced to let go during ‘depressive’ era…THOUSANDS of them
The American steel industry may bring back thousands of jobs now that Donald Trump will be president.
Mario Longhi, the CEO of US Steel Corporation, said the domestic steel industry may be able to rehire up to 10,000 employees who were laid off during the recent economic downturn.
The steel industry has laid off more than 16,000 workers since January 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Longhi blamed the firings on cheap foreign steel products being illegally dumped in the United States.

Trump Appreciates How Work And Self-Esteem Are Related


Donald Trump seems to have intuitively understood that a lot of working class Americans are demoralized. But whereas the solution from liberals was free money — and the message from conservatives was that everyone should be an entrepreneur — most Americans don’t want to collect welfare or start a small business, they just want jobs.
It’s a simple, yet profound, concept. As Arthur Brooks wrote back in 2010, “Earned success gives people a sense of meaning about their lives. And meaning also is a key to human flourishing.”

Even anti-Trump working-class voters are having second thoughts
Robert James stood outside the Carrier plant just before the president-elect addressed workers at the refrigeration and heating assembly factory.  James would never dream of voting Republican: “For all of my life the Democrats have been the party of the working guy, had my back. But if I am being really honest, and this is tough to admit, but I can’t remember the last time they did anything to improve the dignity and value of my job” — a point that didn’t really crystallize for him until it became personal: until his job was saved. By a Republican.

How Union Bosses Sold Out Their Workers
The 2016 election exposed deep divisions in America, but none deeper than that between the leadership of organized labor and its membership. Union bosses spent some $100 million in member dues to try and elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats across the country. It wasn’t money well-spent.

Don’t buy the lie that Obama’s leaving behind a healthy economy
After eight years of blaming America’s problems on George W. Bush, the press that got the election wrong is rolling out a new line — that President Obama is handing President-elect Donald Trump a booming economy.
That takes some brass.
The truth is that the Obama years have been among America’s worst for the economy. His eight years will go down in history as the Great Recession, even though for much, even most, of the span, we weren’t technically in a recession.
It just felt that way. And no wonder. Obama’s is the only modern presidency that failed to show a single year of growth above 3 percent, a point Trump stressed during the campaign (and that was conceded even by the website Politifact).
Plus, the Obama economy failed to prosper even though the Federal Reserve had its pedal to the metal. Its quantitative easing, $2 trillion balance-sheet expansion and zero-interest-rate policy all produced zilch.



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    None of this surprises me. I know most people thought that Trump just ran for a lark and never expected to win, but I always thought that everything about the Obama years were driving him nuts and I think he really made up his mind when Romney lost. Lets hope he can keep delivering.

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