This administration cannot end fast enough

From Stilton Jarlsburg at Hope n Change



The few remaining survivors of that horrible day 75 years ago now have the odd distinction of being attacked twice at Pearl Harbor…once by the Japanese, and once by the Obama administration.

Yes, we understand the symbolic importance of showing Japan and the United States united on this historic anniversary – but it could so easily have been presented to the public without accusing those aging heroes who fought, bled, and saw their friends and shipmates blown to pieces, drowned, or burned alive of “personal bitterness” if they haven’t just “moved on” and made their peace with the horror of the sneak attack.

This appalling statement makes it clear that, in the mind of this administration, this anniversary is not about those who fought or died at Pearl Harbor, but rather about one more fatuous photo-op with a foreign figurehead for the sole benefit of the second greatest American tragedy to originate in Hawaii: Barack Hussein Obama.

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  1. jbob45

    42 days and counting! Countdown to ejection, minus 61,330 minutes. Oh! Oh! Oh! Can’t stand the excitement! Be still, my beating heart.