Obama: “I kept you all safe for 8 years”


I’m sure we’re all really grateful about how safe Barack kept these folks.*

Little Rock (1 dead, 1 injured)
Fort Hood (14 dead**, 33 injured)
Boston Marathon (3 dead, 264 injured)
New York subway (1 dead, 2 injured)
Garland, Texas (1 injured)
Chattanooga (5 dead, 2 wounded)
San Bernardino (14 dead, 24 injured)
Orlando (49 dead, 53 injured)
OSU (13 injured)


Some of the tweets:

“Just because you refused to acknowledge it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen multiple times.” — D.J. Bettler

“Inspired by ISIS doesn’t count? Their corporate board has to pre-authorize at a public board meeting?”    — Amanda Carpenter

“Just because ISIS put out plans for how to commit your own act of terror, and then people followed those plans, doesn’t mean it’s planned!”  — Caleb Howe

“So that gay nightclub in Orlando was a figment of our imagination?” — Whitey McPrivilege

“This makes me sick. January can’t come fast enough.”  — CWest631

* Some victim lists included perps who were killed. I left them out, because they’re victims of karma, not terror.
**Official lists say 13 dead, but one of the victims was pregnant, so I say 14.


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