Islamo-Apologist is full of crap

This woman claims that white people who are afraid of Muslims are why Muslims turn to violence.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  Cuz we were all so afraid of Muslims BEFORE they started suicide bombing and beheading people.  Sheesh.

Professor: Islamophobia plays pivotal role in terrorism

This woman also claims that White Supremacists (aka, right-wing extremists) are a bigger threat to Americans than Muslim terrorists AND that her data comes, in part, from the FBI. 

Wroooooooooooong.  The FBI says the groups posing the greatest domestic terror threat to Americans are Eco-terrorists and Animal Rights extremists, both LEFT-wing ideologists.

Also, her data did NOT come from the FBI, but from a private organization with an agenda called The New America Foundation.  

The results of a 2015 “study” done by The New America Foundation (which was reported uncritically in the Lame Stream Media and is still being cited) claimed there have been only 45 deaths in the U.S. due to “violent jihadist attacks” while there have been 48 deaths due to “far right wing attacks” and that, therefore, militant right-wingers pose the greatest threat to American safety. QED.

Ummmmmmmmmmm … that would be a Big Fat No.  The data OBVIOUSLY excludes the nearly 3,000 deaths that took place on September 11, 2001.

But also, the “45 deaths” claim is totally bogus, because it includes only nine Islamic terror incidents since 9/11, while excluding:

  • San Bernardino (14 dead),
  • Beltway Snipers (10 dead),
  • Chattanooga (5 dead),
  • Fort Hood (13 dead),
  • Boston Marathon Bombing (4 dead),
  • Washington and New Jersey killing spree (4 dead),
  • Oklahoma beheading of 2014 (1 dead),
  • Little Rock Shooting of 2009 (1 dead),
  • Seattle Jewish Federation Shooting of 2006 (1 dead),
  • Los Angeles Airport shooting of 2002 (2 dead),
  • Denver shooter (1 dead),
  • Binghamton shooter (1 dead),
  • Houston incidents (2 dead),
  • Richmond (CA) stabbing (1 dead),
  • Orlando gay bar attack (50 deaths).

HATE CRIMES: I was not able to find any tables or graphs of data concerning either types of terrorism – domestic or global.  However, there is an informative “hate crimes” section at the FBI that reports violent incidents by who the perpetrator(s) were hating on.

The FBI did not appear to provide any perp-hate data for the types of hate crimes (arson, assault, rape, murder) committed in each category.  It only reports “incidents.”  IOW, if a victim was roughed up, that would count as one; if a victim was tortured and set on fire, that would also count as one. Kinda apples and oranges.

Here are the numbers for whatever they are worth.  They clearly show that the real victims of religious hate are Jews, not Muslims.  (I lumped in Christians, since Muslim extremists hate all of us.)



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