Fun with Auto Corekt

Just because I feel like it.
Bluebird: this is for you.








It is a sad commentary indeed that I have so much time to waste in these the waning years of my life on finding this pap.


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3 responses to “Fun with Auto Corekt

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Love, It. 🙂 A great tonic after all the hours I put into researching and writing about terrorism and lying Islamists.


  2. One of my friends tried to leave a comment on my blog, in response to a funny photograph involving a sign for Dick’s Sporting Goods, and autocorrect wouldn’t let her type the word “Dick” — it kept changing it to “Rick.” Autocorrect can be a real prude sometimes.


  3. Getting caught up, again, on a few days’ posts. I know the day, as a whole, is still the same 24hrs, but why does it seem like they’re getting shorter for real? Oh, well, just a few weeks until the solstice.

    The last poster: That awkward moment when you spell a word correctly…?

    Back before computers, when I still hand-lettered my comics, sometimes, tired, and weary from attempting my careful calligraphy, I could get stuck wondering if I’d spelled “the” correctly. Too close to the material.

    Say, you know what? I’ll bet that’s what happened to poor old President Clinton when he forgot the meaning of “is.” 😀

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