Here’s hoping and praying he grows into the job


Matt Walsh posted this on Facebook.  He makes some good points.

I’m not going to spend the next four years justifying everything the president says and does just because he’s a Republican. I know this will put me in a minority among conservatives, but I intend to hold Trump accountable same as I would any other politician.

On that note, let’s look at this tweet the President Elect sent out today. Two problems:

First, it’s an abject lie. There is no evidence that “millions” of votes were made illegally. The future president is making wild, conspiratorial claims without the slightest concern about whether those claims have any relation to the truth whatsoever. I imagine him employing this same tactic as president when it comes to matters of national security, where lives are at stake, and it gives me a very queasy feeling.

Second, the Clinton camp is trying to get a recount in several states. The man who WON has now JUSTIFIED those recounts by claiming that millions of votes were illegitimate. By his own words, a national recount of every vote must be conducted. That’s according to Trump himself. The guy who won. The guy who won just questioned the legitimacy of his own win.

And why? Because of his pride. Even though he won, he can’t stomach the idea that fewer people voted for him than Clinton. So, just to service his damned vanity, he undermined his own win and called into question the authenticity of a voting process that just resulted in him becoming president.

We are in for four years of this crap, folks. And I’m not going to play along. I refuse. Trump is wrong here. He’s lying. He’s being a prideful, reckless idiot and he deserves to be raked over the coals for it. And those who defend him on this deserve to be criticized right along with him.

I opposed The Donald for a long time primarily because he struck me as an Obama in White Face.  Unqualified.  Narcissistic.  I think he’s made a lot of progress growing into the job and I pray that as he gets more of his team assembled, they (and his lovely, level-headed wife) will teach him to rein in the campaign rhetoric.  It’s not appropriate coming from a president.

But really … wouldn’t it be sweet if a Democrat-demanded recount uncovered evidence of Democrat voter fraud? ::snork::


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4 responses to “Here’s hoping and praying he grows into the job

  1. I agree with you, and I hope and pray, as well. We elected a flawed man, not a savior, and that’s the only way it can be until the End.

    But I recoil from some of the things Matt says here. The claim in the tweet about millions voting illegally is certainly NOT a lie, abject or otherwise. At least 3 states INSTITUTIONALIZED illegal voting via actions of their rogue Democrat governors. California was the worst of all. Does Matt not know that Gov. Brown began issuing drivers licenses to non-citizens, in earnest, quite a while ago?

    I work and live in Virginia part of the year, and everybody there knows (just ask Ting) that Gov. McAwful purposely and illegally allowed convicted felons to vote in the run up to the election. How do you think they voted? Do we need proof of this? Here in Colorado, the overwhelming Democrat votes were from the immigrant-heavy San Luis valley. There were more votes there than there should have been legal residents. Cancelled out my vote, I guess.

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    • Ting

      There are definitely illegal immigrants registered to vote in Virginia, as well as the 60,000 felons Gov. McAwful restored voting rights to unilaterally. Odd that 60,000 is also the margin of Clinton’s victory in Virginia.

      I have seen tweets from True the Vote today that they agree with Trump.

      So I am not sure why Matt says the statement is false, either. I don’t think there is proof either way at this point.

      I would like to see some kind of national volunteer effort (well coordinated) to “audit” the voter rolls in the US.

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      • chrissythehyphenated

        I heard a great commentary about it on Fox by this guy I’d never seen before, Tucker Carlson. He said that all voters should want both of these issues investigated thoroughly. ITA.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Oy … that is really disturbing. I have heard this before, but somehow, hearing it from someone on the ground that I know makes it more real and chilling.

      There’s an important point in this recount issue that isn’t very well explained by the news or pundits. The recount effort is based on unsubstantiated claims that someone like Russia hacked the voting machines. It’s got NOTHING to do with illegal votes being cast by non-citizens, duplicate or dead voters. Democrats don’t want THAT investigated, I’m sure!

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