Planned UnParenthood Has Entered Fear Mode

Planned Parenthood published Holiday Talking Points, because OF COURSE family holiday dinners are exactly the right time to discuss the nation’s largest abortuary franchise.  Or something.

Of course, what they’re really worried about is the threat that the HUGE wins by Pro-Lifers up and down ticket this November poses to their taxpayer money stream.

Funny how they are so opposed to big corporations dodging taxes and donating money to political campaigns, except when it’s a tax-exempt corporation that donates solely to Democrats. ::harumph::


The Talking Points memo begins with the cynical, “’Tis the season for gathering ’round the holiday table with … your in-laws you have no choice but to tolerate once a year.”

Gosh.  And here I was missing my family.  Silly ol’ me.

It insists that, at the Thanksgiving table, “one of the most important questions people will ask … is: ‘What will happen to Planned Parenthood?’”

Bwahahaha!!  Much more likely would’ve been the over-under for #6 grandchild’s birth date!


Planned Parenthood gave us talking points to defend mass child slaughter at Thanksgiving

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