Gary Sinise serves troops in Kandahar

Mr. Sinise posted this with the photo: “An honor to serve Thanksgiving dinner to our Troops at Kandahar Air Force Base. Sending a special thank you to all who serve. Thanksgiving prayer for our Troops: Thank you, Lord, for the courage and selfless service of our military troops. Thank you for their dedication in the face of difficulties and challenges. Thank you for their families. I pray that all of our servicemen and women will experience Your mercy each day, and that You will provide for their every need. Let them feel your presence with them, and your everlasting love. In Christ’s name, Amen.”


There was a time POTUS did this.  Of course, since it was a Republican POTUS, the snot-faced left made fun of him and said the photos were fake.  They can be such jerks.

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