Things I like about Melania Trump

Melania Trump On Her Life, Marriage And 2016 | Morning Joe | MSNBC – Feb 24, 2016

She appears to be a truly classy lady with strong values.

She’s an immigrant, the first to ever become First Lady.  (Louisa Adams was not born here, but there was no United States when she moved here, so she can’t really be called an immigrant.)

She grew up under Communism, emigrated and became a naturalized U.S. citizen legally.

She speaks six languages: Serbo-Croatian, English, French, Italian, German, and her native Slovene. Barron is fluent in Slovenian, which he speaks when he is with his maternal grandparents.

Despite their enormous wealth, she refuses to have a nanny for Barron and did not go out stumping for Donald because Barron needed her to be at home.

She’s keeping Barron in New York where he can continue at his usual school, away from the brouhaha of life in the White House.


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  1. What I like about Melania Trump. She has class and it will be great to have class back at the White House. She seems to be a person who will stand up for what is just, not unjust. I like her family values.

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