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Abe Lincoln Thanksgiving 1864: ‘It Has Pleased Almighty God to Prolong Our National Life Another Year’

President Abraham Lincoln issued the following proclamation on Oct. 20, 1864, setting aside the last Thursday in November as “a day of thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God.”

Thanksgiving Tragedy
When they first arrived in Massachusetts, they acted like Bernie Sanders wants us to act. They farmed “collectively.” Pilgrims said, “We’ll grow food together and divide the harvest equally.”

Bad idea. Economists call this the “tragedy of the commons.” When everyone works “together,” some people don’t work very hard.
His answer: He divided the commune into parcels and assigned each Pilgrim his own property, or as Bradford put it, “set corn every man for his own particular. … Assigned every family a parcel of land.”

That simple change brought the Pilgrims so much plenty that they could share food with Indians. Bradford wrote that it “made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.”

Democrats Prepare to Enjoy the Holidays
Those Democrats sure know how to have a good time. While the rest of us are looking forward to family reunions and delicious turkey dinners, the Democratic Party is coaching its faithful on how to win political arguments. This is from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, a “Guide to Thanksgiving With Your Republican Relatives.” Click to enlarge: Giving Thanks for the End of the Pro-Crime Presidency
Obama’s Thanksgiving gift to America: putting an unprecedented number of criminals back on the streets.
This Thanksgiving, Americans can give thanks for the termination of one of the most pro-criminal administrations in American history, though the damage done to the criminal justice system may far outlast outgoing President Barack Obama’s tenure in office.
To date, President Obama has now freed more than a thousand prisoners as part of his crusade against a criminal justice system he considers to be racist.

Pic of the Day: Looney Toons Now Selling Hillary Clinton Prayer Candles
Gee that borders on the offensively blasphemous…

Universities Offer Tips For Having A ‘Green’ Thanksgiving
First step is to mold the free-range tofu into the shape of a turkey.
In order to have a green Thanksgiving, students must also forgo the usual holiday gluttony and “eat mindfully” as well as regulating their intake of turkey and non-organic food.
“The meat industry is the number one source of methane gas, which is a major contributor to climate change,” Tip #4 reads. “Another major environmental impact of a meat-eating diet is the depletion of natural resources.”

Jimmy Kimmel Hosts a PC Thanksgiving Pageant on His Show

The pageant featured children portraying what a first Thanksgiving celebration with pilgrims and Native Americans would have been like had they been forced to adhere to current politically correct standards, Mediaite reported.
A girl who narrated the pageant first cautioned the audience to not clap.
“Please, don’t applaud! It’s insensitive to people with no arms!” the narrator said.

Repo Man Pays Off Elderly Couple’s Car, Gives It Back
The little Pomeranian dog loved to curl up on 82-year-old Stanford Kipping’s lap when he and his wife Patty, 70, went for a drive. But in recent months a sharp increase in the cost of prescription medicine and other bills were more than a match for the couple’s fixed incomes. With several $95 a month car payments left unpaid on their 1998 Buick, the repo man, Jim Ford of Belleville, stopped his tow truck in front of their house.
“When I got home that night, I said to myself, ‘They are a real nice elderly couple. I gotta do something. I can’t just take their car,’ ” Ford said.
Then he did something that surely broke the hard code of ethics for repo men; he decided that he would pay off the Kippings’ debt and return their car to their driveway.
Using the online service “GoFundMe” and depending on his friends in the repo business, Ford said he raised more than $3,500 in one night. After the fee for the service and after paying the $2,501 to the bank owed on the Buick, Ford tucked $1,000 in cash into an envelope. A co-worker at his business bought a frozen Thanksgiving turkey and Ford put it in the cab of his tow truck.

Man Tips Waiter $750 So He Can Fly His GF And Baby Home For Christmas
A Texas gentleman tipped his waiter $750 so that he could fly himself and his pregnant girlfriend home to Ireland for Christmas.
Twenty-two-year-old Ben Millar was serving customers one evening at a restaurant in Houston, when he struck up a conversation with a diner about the band U2.
The customer told Millar that he was recently in Ireland to the see band perform. Millar, a native of Belfast, Ireland, told the customer that he wished he could “go back there for a weekend and visit my family,” the Telegraph

Retailers prepare for post-election Black Friday spending boom, but did a Trump win boost consumer confidence or are people just relieved it’s all over?
Voters are expected to rush to the stores following one of the most contentious elections in history
The consumer confidence rose by 8.4 points from October to 85.2 now
It’s the biggest gain within a single month since December 2011
Experts are predicting a holiday spending increase of almost 4 per cent
Foresee survey predicts 20 percent of Democrats will be spending more in the coming weeks compared to 10 percent of Republicans
137.4 million consumers will make purchases either in store or online









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