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Happy Thanksgiving



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Thanksgiving: A Politically Incorrect Guide


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Trump’s First 100 Days

Donald J. bypassed the MSM and went straight to YouTube to tell us what he plans to do.

A Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump

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A Millennial Speaks Out

“The majority of rhetoric going around says that if you’re white, you have an inherent advantage in life. I would argue that, at least for the members of these small impoverished communities, their whiteness only harms them as it keeps their immense struggles out of the public eye.

“Rural Americans suffer from a poverty rate that is 3 points higher than the poverty rate found in urban America. In Southern regions, like Appalachia, the poverty rate jumps to 8 points higher than those found in cities. One fifth of the children living in poverty live rural areas. The children in this ‘forgotten fifth’ are more likely to live in extreme poverty and live in poverty longer than their urban counterparts. 57% of these children are white.”

The rest of this viral blog post is worth your time!


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Is he stupid or lying?

President Barack Obama has just declared that he has not contributed to the divisions that have sprung up in the country during his administration.  

I can’t believe he is uninformed.  He’s the president, for crying out loud.  Once a year, he even makes a big speech telling us what the State of the Union is.  So either he knows the score and is lying or else he’s just too stupid to understand what he’s done.

Here are just two examples of why I vote for the former.


President Obama has boasted that the 2009 trillion dollar stimulus solved the unemployment crisis. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh … no.

The ranks of the “want a job but can’t find one” has risen to a whopping 15% under his administration.  Five percent is considered normal for a healthy economy.

This graphic shows the percent of Americans employed during the Bush and the Obama years.  It paints a very clear picture of the utter failure Obama has been on job creation.



Candidate Obama criticized Bush spending, likening it to treason and promising to “take a scalpel” to the national budget to reduce spending.  But as soon as he got into office, he increased deficit spending.

During Bush’s years in office, the national debt increased by a little less than $6 Trillion. By the time Obama leaves office, it will be $8 Trillion higher than when he entered office, bringing us to an unprecedented and crushing $20 Trillion debt level.


As for “not” dividing us, puhleeze.  At every turn, he has accused whites, police, and the justice system of oppressing minorities, perpetuated the oft-debunked gender pay gap which he, surprise NOT, blames on discrimination, and declared that Christians are homophobes, but that Islamic radicals, who actually murder gays, are peace-loving and godly people who are just fed up with all the discrimination.

I count the rise of the Tea Party, the collapse of the Democratic Party, the ever growing public awareness of MSM bias, and the election of Donald Trump as President Obama’s chief accomplishments. 



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