Classy Mike Pence on Hamilton incident

From Hannity: Vice President Elect Mike Pence is responding to the political lecture he received from the cast of the Broadway show Hamilton on Friday. Pence showed a considerable amount of magnanimity when asked about the incident by Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

“I did hear what was said from the stage and I can tell you I wasn’t offended by what was said,” Pence said adding, “I’ll leave it to others whether that was the appropriate to say it.”

Pence continued by addressing the central element of the message delivered to him after the performance.

“I just want to reassure people that what president elect Donald Trump said on election night, he absolutely meant from the bottom of his heart,” Pence said. “He is preparing to be the president of all of the people of the United States of America.”

From CtH:  Personally, I thought that an actor publicly shaming a member of his audience from the stage was in atrociously bad taste.  Kudos to Pence for his gracious response and his praise for the show itself.  I especially liked what he said to his daughter and her cousins.  I look forward to having such a class act as VP.  It’ll make a nice change from you know who.

Mike Pence: I Wasn’t Offended by Message from Hamilton Cast. Fox News Sunday [3:03]




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6 responses to “Classy Mike Pence on Hamilton incident

  1. Pistol Pete

    That democrats are rude,classless,violent,overbearing,obnoxious trash is a given.We can only take solace in the fact they can’t do any real damage now that they don’t run the show.


  2. It was atrociously bad taste to use the stage as a pulpit that way. Just because Hollywood does it, doesn’t mean it’s not an abuse of your (paying) audience. I walked out of a performance of Les Mis a few weeks ago for the same thing.

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