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An Open Letter To Liberals

For decades you’ve had everything your own way.You never had to work for anything.Don’t know what sacrifice is.You’ve been taught nothing is your fault.You’re a victim.Blame everybody else.Whatever you have,it’s never enough.Whether it’s daddy’s trust fund or a welfare check it’s not free.Somebody else paid for it.You elected ‘the first black president’ by voting for a biracial extremist Muslim that you didn’t know anything about,just the fact he was dark enough to be called black.
In sweeping to power he stepped over the heir-apparent,former first lady,senator,liar,enabler and queen wanna-be,Hillary Clinton.She waited eight long years for her turn to come.To make sure he got his second term she allowed 4 Americans to be butchered then lied about it for 6 weeks until after the election was over.
Her turn finally came.She had everything on her side.The press did her dirty work,her primary was rigged from the beginning,the White House,DOJ,FBI and State Department all joined together to protect her from prosecution for the myriad felonies she had committed.Once she was elected it would all go away.You would get open borders,you’d have a Supreme Court with a liberal majority for 30 years and somebody else would continue paying for your free stuff.The media even did its part to make sure Donald Trump,the media buffoon was the republican candidate so they could tear him to shreds for her.
But then something happened.Trump was not everybody’s first choice.He certainly wasn’t mine.but the thought of the disaster that would befall our nation under continued democrat rule was more than terrible to contemplate.You see,between the upper East side of Manhattan and the posh mansions of Beverly Hills lies a country.it’s referred to derisively as “flyover country.”The landscape is dotted with big city hellholes,all run by democrats.Drugs,crime and corruption rule in these decaying centers of despair.
Go 100 miles outside of any of these cities and you’ll find another America.You don’t understand us and never will.You think we’re all ignorant,backwoods hicks because all we want is to be left alone to raise our kids and live the way we choose without government interference.We go to county fairs and flea markets.When our high school teams go to state tournament we decorate the town with signs of encouragement.When misfortune befalls us,we don’t sit and whine with our hands out waiting for somebody else to help us.We do it ourselves.We don’t raise hell when things don’t go the way we want.We accept things for what they are and move on.
We get called everything your narrow minds can think of.Racist,bigot,homophobe,xenophobe.Anti-immigrant,anti-abortion,extremists.We’re told we can’t fly Old Glory because somebody might be offended.When some malcontent decides to walk on the flag or wipe their ass with it we’re told it’s free speech.A helluva lot more of us,our parents and grandparents sacrificed everything to defend that flag.Militant gays seek out Christian businessmen to force them to participate in things we view as a sin in the eyes of God.When they don’t,they get sued and lose everything they have.We’re forced to allow our 12 year old daughters to share a bathroom with a 50 year old man in a dress. homosexuals scream to stay out of their bedrooms then close off streets and have parades to show us what they do.
We’ve been forced to stand by and could do nothing.This last election was the culmination of the anger and frustration 66 million of us have had to hold inside,knowing there was nothing we could do.You could see at every rally the energy borne of this frustration building to a gigantic outburst.Last Tuesday the day of reckoning had arrived.We’d been mocked,ignored and persecuted long enough.It’s the one day every four years when our voice can be heard.And we WERE heard.
You didn’t get your own way,so the next day the protests began.Like a bunch of sheep you followed the Judas Goats bought and paid for by the most despicable human on the planet,George Soros.You demand we do away with the Electoral College because your girl won the popular vote.What you can’t get through your tiny skulls is that the Founding Fathers were prescient enough to anticipate something like this so the Constitution was written to prevent mob tyranny.
Listen,buttercup,you don’t have any right to demand anything.You don’t work,you don’t pay taxes,the people who wear uniforms and carry weapons,the people you enjoy denigrating are the ones who afford you the opportunity to voice your opinion,useless,though,it may be.You stood in the road waving your Mexican and ISIS flags,feeling like you were a big deal.

Collapse: Democratic Insider Says Clinton Lost White Rural Voters By A Three-to-One Margin
There’s been a sense that Democrats could largely write off the rural vote, as rural voters have left the party because the exodus was offset by demographic growth among urban and nonwhite voters, among others, said Tom Bonier, CEO of Target Smart, a Democratic data and polling firm.

NPR: Too Many Democrats Focus On The Cities And They’ll Be Left Out In The Cold If That Remains
It’s not only bad timing and gerrymandering that have hollowed out the Democratic Party. Mo Elleithee, a former Democratic National Committee official, says Democrats have never put enough effort and resources into state legislative races. Republicans, on the other hand, make those races a top priority.
Too many Democrats live in cities

SR 1345 – Anti-Trump Protesters Paid $35 Per Hour

Awful… OBAMA Warns Against Rise of “Nationalism” – America First is Dangerous
Obama: We have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. And I will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict.

This is the same guy that supports and cheers the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement.

Krauthammer: Obama Will Be Seen As Someone Who ‘Destroyed His Presidency With Liberal Overreach’

Krauthammer concluded, “[H]istorians are going to see him as a textbook definition of a guy who won on hope and change, who won with a wave of goodwill, and who completely destroyed his presidency with liberal overreach, beginning with Obamacare. And this is a rejection of ideology.” He further warned that if the Democratic Party goes further left, it won’t survive.

Eric Holder on Trump Win: ‘I Have to Think That at Least Part of It Though Was Decisions Made in My Justice Department’
“I have to think that at least part of it though was decisions made in my Justice Department that had at least some impact. I can’t quantify it, but I think it had some impact,” Holder said.
In an interview with Maher, Holder said he was more relaxed because he wasn’t “carrying a bunch” of Republicans on his shoulders beating him up.
“You did a hell of a job, and they didn’t make it easy for you,” Maher said.

Majority of Trump Voters Were Impacted by ‘Religious Liberty’ and ‘Unborn Human Life’ Concerns
“It was the party platform that brokered the deal between Trump and Christian conservatives — a deal that was sealed in the final debate when Trump vividly described a partial-birth abortion and pledged to appoint pro-life justices,” he concluded. “The Republican Party platform played a key role in bringing Christian conservatives and Trump together.”
The survey also found that two-thirds (66 percent) of surveyed voters overall agreed that “government should leave people free to follow their beliefs about marriage between one man and one woman as they live their daily lives at work and in the way they run their businesses.”











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My Ode to Coffee

Mad props to whoever it was who first thought to crush coffee beans, cook them in hot water, and then drink it. They are most likely long dead by now or really, really wired. Jake, Joe, Java, Mud, Swedish gasoline (my term), whatever you want to call it, to those aficionados who partake in it, it is truly the nectar of the gods.







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