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So there I was, sleeping peacefully after posting this morning, when the phone rang. I never bother answering it (we have an answering machine…remember those?) and the first word I hear is: “Mama?” That’s all it takes. My wife, a senior citizen with a bad hip and two surgically repaired knees, burst out of her bedroom and grabbed the phone like a starving man with a ribeye steak. Miss Isabel has been sick for two days and her mom was going to leave her at home by herself until she can get her to the doctor later today. Grandma wan’t having any of it. They live in Dekalb, some 35-40 miles away. Makes no difference. She’s off to the rescue like she was shot out of a cannon. Such is life with a doting grandmother.

Congress is back for the lame duck session today after the break for the election. This can be an extremely dangerous time, since there are those bent on wreaking as much havoc as possible before they leave for good. The republicans seem to have mended fences and are eager to get back to work. There are literally hundreds of bills that were sent to the Senate for debate that the soon-to-be-gone shitheel Harry Reid wiped his wrinkled, liver-spotted backside with. He was the one who unilaterally decided to do away with the time-honored filibuster to shove hundreds of Obama’s leftist judges through the nomination process. He stopped short of including the Supreme Court.

Much to many peoples’ dismay Bitchy Mitchy said he would allow the Democrats to filibuster all of Trumps SCOTUS nominations. This would be a huge mistake. The trouble with the way the dems rule is that they never consider the possibility these tactics may be used against them. One of the overwhelming reasons people voted for Trump was that they knew the consequences of a liberal court would be. The notorious RBG is 88. She will be 90 before the next midterms. My guess is that the democrats will keep her there as long as possible, like Weekend at Bernies. Breyer and Kennedy are both in their 80s. If The Donald wins a second term he has a chance to place at least 3 judges on the bench. There’s no guarantee that his picks won’t end up like Souter or that backstabber John Roberts, but with a democrat president it would be a sure thing they’d be hard leftists.

Something else that occurred to me. I wonder if the media will show the same deference to Trump’s children that they did for Obama’s. (Don’t count on it.) Barron is 10 years old and could be 18 before all is said and done.
Compare this:
21-rnc-barron-trump-nocrop-w529-h373to this:
Their behavior has been a disgrace, but has been widely accepted because they’re democrats.

Barry is on his final world tour, lecturing the world about what a tremendous job he’s done as president and hopes Trump will leave his One World Order intact. The way I look at it, winning gets us a twofer. Both Obama and the Bloody Bitch…GONE.

Obama has stated he’s going to stay in DC until Sashay finishes high school. I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. You can’t play golf in DC in January. Chicago either. My chips would go on the square that says his bony ass is off to Hawaii pronto. He can spend his days golfing, surfing, getting high, and collecting royalty checks from the books Bill Ayers wrote for him.

How refreshing will it be for us to have a president who wears suits when he speaks instead of his shirt sleeves, doesn’t wear mom jeans or ride a bike with one of those sissy foam helmets.

The last two Secretaries of State have been Hillary and Climate Change Kerry, the male gigolo. Word is that SOS will be Rudy Giuliani, if he wants it. Imagine the culture shock among the terrorist countries that are used to dealing with people they consider a pathetic joke. I think they’ll get along until the first time they try to play him and find out he won’t take any bullshit.

The personal attacks began election night and will no doubt continue until he’s out of office. How he governs is yet to be seen. I remain skeptical, given his past, but one thing is sure… whatever kind of president he turns out to be, it’s a helluva lot better than the alternative.

Crap….not enough room for the next batch of links. Life is filled with these bitter disappointments. Well,it’s time for another nap anyway.









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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    “shot out of a cannon” roflll


  2. Pistol Pete

    It’s a grandma thing.No need for explanation.