Obamacare: A decisive factor in Hillary Clinton’s defeat

As a White House consultant, Jonathan Gruber helped to design ObamaCare and was then caught afterward on this videotape talking about “the stupidity of the American voter.”

GRUBER: “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.” [:52]

Yesterday, Ira Stoll wrote at the New York Sun, “if anyone is ‘stupid’ in this story, it’s not the voters, but the academics who in their hubris designed an Affordable Care Act that became so unpopular that it became a decisive factor in Hillary Clinton’s defeat. …  A friend of mine reported that while volunteering for the Clinton campaign in Pennsylvania, she encountered one voter who had just gotten off the phone with her health insurance company, ‘battling an astronomical increase in premiums. A cancer survivor, she had lost her favorite doctor when she went onto Obamacare two years earlier. Now her rates were going up.‘ That voter wound up supporting Trump.”

Jonathan Gruber Discovers ‘Stupidity’ Is Wrong Word For American Voters
By IRA STOLL, Special to the New York Sun | November 14, 2016

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