A Study in Contrasts

Sitting here pondering events of the past week some things struck me about the difference in the paths the present and future presidents have taken to fulfill their destinies.Their personal histories,it seems,give an insight into their leadership capabilities as ostensibly the most powerful man in the world.
Barack Obama was educated at the finest private school in Hawaii,thanks to his grandmother who he later referred to as ‘a typical white woman.’He realized at a young age that being part white got him no special treatment.Claiming to be first foreign-born,then black he rode the affirmative action bus all the way to Harvard.He was made head of the Law Review strictly because of his race.He never wrote even a single article that was published.He’s always been notoriously lazy and has had everything,including the presidency handed to him without much effort on his own part.
He had all his records sealed by court order before he started hi political career.Virtually nothing was known about him at the time and the media wasn’t about to tell anybody what he really was.As a student of Saul Alinsky he ruled for 8 miserable years,almost by fiat.It took almost the full first two years to shove Obamacare down the nations’ throat,even with majorities in both chambers.His arrogance would not allow him to accept someone else could be smarter than he was.Not his generals,not his finance experts,not his foreign policy people.He did what he wanted to,when he wanted,then he squeezed in some 300 rounds of golf and monthly vacation trips for he and his brood,all without a word of dissent from his willing accomplices in the press.
Now comes president-elect Donald Trump.Son of a millionaire,he studied business and went on to create an empire of his own.His life has always been an open book and he has no secrets.Unlike nearly every politician on the Hill who got a degree in political science before they went about getting elected to public office so they could get fabulously wealthy without ever actually accomplishing anything.We know everything about Trump,since he was thoroughly vetted before he ever ran for office.He tapped into the frustration and the rage of 60 million people who were tired of being preached to,ridiculed and burdened with onerous regulations that made life almost unlivable.
Unlike Obama,Trump has run businesses before,met payrolls and knows how to get the best bang for the buck.I’m confident he will surround himself with people who are capable of doing what must be done and getting results.Delegating responsibility is a basic tenet of running a successful company.One man had everything handed to him,had the full support of the entire radical left and never did anything to make the lives of ordinary(straight,white,Christians)any better.He made no secret of the contempt he held them in.
There is no way to gauge what kind of president Trump will be but he has the tools and the support to make this country great again.We’ll see soon enough what life will be like.At this point avoiding having to listen to the shrill cackling of pompous wanna-be queen is enough for me.







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5 responses to “A Study in Contrasts

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Interesting point … Ayers has made noises here and there about wanting his share of the Dreams royalties, since he wrote the book. Much of Obama’s current fortune is from Dreams royalties.

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  2. Pistol Pete

    The fact that Obama has always taken credit for what other people do surprises you?