Honoring Our Veterans

This is the solemn remembrance of all who serve or have served in defense of this country. It was first called Armistice Day and was designated so because the First World War ended on 11/11/18. The Armistice was signed at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. No, I didn’t Google it, I already knew it. I am among the fortunate who were educated back when teachers taught and classrooms weren’t incubators for mind-numbed robots.

This is the day we honor our warriors, like Grunt’s son and Chrissy’s warrior princesses. I would like to recognize anyone who lurks here that has family serving. You have our undying gratitude for your strength, your courage, and your devotion to your country. I have always maintained that the left hates the military because they cannot comprehend a sense of duty and loyalty to something so precious people are willing to risk life and limb to preserve it. It’s called “guts.” They don’t understand it and never will.

Happy Birthday To The United States Marine Corps… 241 Years Of Proud Service
This is a tribute to the original gang of badasses

A message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps: Each year on or around 10 November, Marines gather in groups large and small to celebrate our history, honor the memory of those who have gone before us, and rekindle the bond that unites all generations of Marines. Marines, we are part of something bigger than any of us could imagine. Whether you fought in the battles of World War I, in the Pacific during World War II, in Korea or Vietnam, in Desert Shield or Desert Storm, or in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan—or you are just starting out on your Marine Corps journey—we are all part of an elite family of warriors. For the rest of your life, the first term people use to describe you will be “Marine.”

This Veterans Day, start fixing the Veterans Administration
Just in time for Veterans Day, when we honor those who served their country in uniform, the inspector general of the Department of Veterans Affairs has unearthed another scandal.

This time, it’s that scheduling staff at a clinic in southern Arizona systematically zeroed out patient wait times for thousands of appointments to make it look like goals were being met.
Veterans Day would be a hollow and meaningless celebration if America didn’t value its veterans enough to keep its promises to them, no matter how many politicians or bureaucrats have to be thrown out to make this happen.

As I was typing this it occurred to me. This is the 241st birthday of the Marines. What better gift could we have given them than a commander-in-chief they can be proud of? Someone who appreciates their sacrifice and would not betray them the way the last one did. It is hard to imagine what it was like to obey the commands of someone who has little but contempt for you and what you do. May Almighty God keep you in His arms.



That’s all I have to say about that.

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