Today’s Prize for Stupidest Political Commentary

I’ve been listening today as Hillary blames her loss on Comey and Obama.  As per usual, being Democrat means never having to take responsibility or say you’re sorry.

Leftists are also blaming Hillary’s loss on white backlash and misogyny.  Have any of these people noticed that Hillary is white and her husband is a serial sexual predator?  Do any of them ever listen to what we ACTUALLY care about?

And, for the record, I resent the implication that I would EVER vote with my skin or my crotch.  I vote with my mind and my heart.  Period.

But really … The Behar wins first in today’s stupid political commentary contest.


“JOY BEHAR: Not since George W. Bush has there been a White House, a Senate and a House of Representatives all from the same party.”

Uh, no.  The Democrats held the trifecta for the 2009-2010 Congress.

“JOY BEHAR: And then the FBI has stuck its nasty little nose in the middle of this. Plus the Supreme Court, who knows where that’s going to go? So the only checks and balances we have are us, The View. That’s it!”

Oy vey.  SERIOUSLY!?  A television talk show is the only “checks and balances”?  BWAHAHAHAHA!


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3 responses to “Today’s Prize for Stupidest Political Commentary

  1. Pistol Pete

    Like Rush says,’liberals are only funny when they’r out of power.’The harpies on The Spew have had 8 long years to gloat.Now comes an extended period of pissing,moaning,groaning and whining.


  2. Lawd a’mighty . . . I am so done with the whining and overall patheticness of these losers . . . prayin’ I can keep my cool through an upcoming blog post . . .

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  3. Joy proves everyday that a tiny dose of knowledge can be dangerous. LOL!
    I had forgotten that The View was our 5th branch of government, right after the media at #4.

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