The Catholic Vote

We Catholics comprise the country’s largest religious group, about 23% of the population.  We have supported the winner of the popular vote in every presidential election since 1972.

Our record on voting pro-life is not so hot.  Pro-abortion Obama got 54% of the Catholic vote in 2008 and 51% in 2012.  That changed this time, with 52% voting for Trump vs. 45% for Clinton.congregation-for-doctrine-vote-for-life
IMHO, 45% for Clinton is appalling, especially given how out loud and extreme she has been this campaign season in her support for baby killing.  She promised to appoint pro-abortion judges to SCOTUS and work to repeal the Hyde Amendment, thus forcing taxpayers to fund abortions through Medicaid.  During the last presidential debate, she even defended late-term abortions of viable fetuses, including the heinous partial-birth procedure, both of which are opposed by the vast majority of Americans.


I dunno how much having a CINO (Catholic In Name Only) running mate helped or hurt her with Catholic Democrats.  Tim Kaine has an extensive pro-abortion voting record. Thankfully, several Catholic bishops publicly rebuked him for supporting abortion while claiming to be Catholic. Then in October, some of our bishops told their flocks to vote life, which was very refreshing to see.

It makes me unutterably sad that 45% of my fellow co-religionists actually voted for the rabid baby killer Clinton.  And they’re not just slackers who never go to Mass. Two Catholic households on my street were sporting Hillary signs and both are regulars at our parish.  They’re nice people who will answer to God at judgment for voting for pro-abortion candidates.  I pray for them.

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