Purple Nevada is Swinging Red


Trump Takes a 6 Point Lead in Nevada

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  1. Pistol Pete

    Keep in mind there is one county in this state that accounts for everything….Clark County.Home of Las Vegas,Harry Reid,his casino owner pals and loyal SEIU thugs who are “tasked” with the ‘maintenance’ on the voting machines.
    in 2010,Reid was the most despised man in the state.The dems hand-picked the weakest opponent from the GOP primaries,Sharron Angle,and was still 4 points behind on the morning of the election.At the end,he won by 6 points by winning one…count ’em…one county.A 10 point swing in one day by a man so reviled his son,who ran unsuccessfully for governor wouldn’t even use his last name.He simply campaigned as “Rory.”He didn’t win so he had to go back to the seven-figure lobbying job his daddy hooked him up with.