This election has disgraced the entire profession of journalism


“Before going further, let me state that my own politics are on the left. …  This election has exposed as never before that there is indeed a media elite, bound together by class and geography, that is utterly clueless about its own biases and filters. … All during the campaign we have watched Hillary Clinton rehearse campaign themes and, almost as if by magic, the media amplifying those themes in seeming lockstep. … This was not mere happenstance, but, at least in part, resulted from direct coordination between the Clintonistas and the press.” By Ken Silverstein • 11/02/16

Media Research Center has been documenting the grotesque leftward slant of our media for decades.






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4 responses to “This election has disgraced the entire profession of journalism

  1. Pistol Pete

    There are no journalists anymore.Just democrat activists.


  2. Indeed. The profession may never recover from it.


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