When You’ve Lost Kevin, You’re In Trouble

Headline from Kevin DuJan at HillBuzz:

8 Days Before the Election: It is Hillary’s Own Damn Fault She’s Going to Lose

“Anyone who feels bad that Hillary Clinton will not be the first female US president needs to stop and appreciate the fact that all of this is Hillary’s own damn fault. She is going to lose this election next week…and it’s really all because of her asinine decision to create that Secret Bathroom Mystery Server.
“Truly, she should have stayed in the Senate and kept working hard for her constituents in New York. There would have been a lot less temptation for her or her crooked husband to get involved in whatever shenanigans they got up to when she moved her offices to Foggy Bottom. She squandered the last eight years… believing she was untouchable and that she could get away with anything.”

For a little insight:
A small group of us here go all the way back to HillBuzz in 2008, through m4u and ultimately to here. Bluebird, Chrissy, Auntie Lib, GP, Mafia Rose, TNWAHM, and my closest buddy Ting met at HB, after finding there were actually a select few liberals you could talk to at that time without the name-calling. Once things got too intense one of our group started a new site just for us. There, just as here, it was very active at first, as far as participation, lively discussions and different viewpoints. Sadly, with time, people have drifted away to engage in other pursuits. Still, this is a site where all opinions are welcome, except the normal vulgarity that liberals deal in.

Kevin is a gifted writer, but at some point he suffered a meltdown that he’s never quite recovered from.

“This is all so much worse than anything that Scooter Libby did during the Valerie Plame Affair back in 2005. Huma Abedin needs to get fitted for an orange jumpsuit. Anthony Weiner needs to go to prison. So many high-ranking Democrats need to go to prison over all of this. And it is all Hillary Clinton’s fault.It is her own damn fault.”




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15 responses to “When You’ve Lost Kevin, You’re In Trouble

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    On the one hand, I feel kinda bad for him. He really LOVED, TRUSTED, and BELIEVED IN Hillary and it’s a terrible thing to have your hero fail so spectacularly. On the other hand, many of us tried to show him what a black-hearted witch she has always been and he always found some excuse for why we were just being right-wing haters.

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    • FranklytheNut

      Well, he’s quit excusing her now, and has the guts to admit it publicly. I do admire that.

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      • So do I. It takes courage and humility to accept the truth when it flies in the face of what you have not only believed, but worked hard for. It takes even more courage and humility to admit publicly that you were wrong. No one likes being played for a fool, and no one likes having everyone know that he was played for a fool. It takes guts to do that.


  2. She’s lost a lot more than just Kevin’s approval. But losing him is significant, and it’s fun to look back over the last 7 years or so to that place (that was, ironically, tied to Hillary at the beginning) where so many in the current conservative blogosphere got their start. (Especially Chrissy, who was one of the main admins there) Zilla’s been talking about HB a lot lately, which I found surprising initially, since it’s been so long since we really considered HB a source of current commentary, but I guess it’s back in the zone.

    Just a few current observations:
    1. A few of the original crowd, either from HB or HoneyTrail or here at PoliNation, are still very active over at MOTUS. Bijou & DeniseVB come to mind.
    2. I noticed recently that the old guard at the Treehouse eventually got tired of the All-Sundance-All-The-Time Show over there and started hanging out pretty exclusively at Stella’s Place, where they reclaimed a little bit of the original community spirit that existed at HoneyTrail. Stella(PatP), Adrem, WeeWeed, ZurichMike, Tex and Menagerie are still at it, looks like. I even saw FacebookWallFlower commenting over there, which might be amusing, if you know who she is.
    3. Speaking of HoneyTrail, the proprietor of HT Redux, Thomas Hooker, also known by other names, is a gal who lives here in the Colorado Front Range. As far as I know, she doesn’t blog much anymore, but just a couple years ago, she stopped by Solaratov’s hospital in St. Louis on the way back from the east coast, which was very kind. She smuggled him some cigarettes and swapped military stories in the courtyard for a few days while he was recovering from cancer surgery. Since then, Solaratov has been a close friend of our family, and we’ve visited him several times. He’s still holding out against the cancer.
    4. WaltzingMTilda is actually a very funny Twitter personality and has been for a while.
    5. At PoliNation, we still have the very best writers and personalities, like Pete and Chrissy and Bluebird and Ting and Jane and Frankly and GP and Mindful and Rose and Zoph and many others!

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  3. GP

    Isn’t it ironic how everything has come full circle.
    Even Kevin finally woke up! Too bad he had to burn so many bridges, and attack so many people along the way. Just imagine the force we could have been if he had been able to hold it together.
    But as PN summarized so well, many of us have moved on, but are still buzzing around in the garden of life, and not giving up on our passion for saving this country.
    My focus has turned to Health Freedom and I am founding a non profit that I hope will someday allow us to speak the truth to power. The government interference with natural health protocols, and the environmental hazards that are causing an epidemic of chronic diseases (while they put all our tax money into studies for more vaccines for the virus-du-jour.) is literally killing us.
    Oh, don’t get me started!
    The good thing that has evolved from this Obama/Clinton nightmare is that so many every-day Americans have found their voices.
    Even if it sometimes seems as if we are singing to the choir, and if it seems like no one is listening, we are all having an impact in our own ways.
    Together, WE THE PEOPLE, will prevail.
    Keep getting your voices out there my friends.
    And thank you again PP and Chrissy for never giving up!
    God bless you all.
    (and stop smuggling cigarettes to people with cancer for heaven’s sake!)

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