The rights of the unborn

Michigan is one of 38 states that recognize preborn children as homicide victims. Twenty-three of those states extend that recognition to the beginning of pregnancy.

Allegan County [Michigan] Circuit Court Judge Kevin W. Cronin extended the sentence of a man who was convicted of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend because he recognized the preborn child as a second victim.

In May 2014, Samuel Demetrious Ambrose received a minimum of four years for punching his pregnant girlfriend, who was also disabled, and dumping her out of her wheelchair into a ditch, then holding her head underwater. Cronin handed down a sentence three months longer than the recommended guidelines of a crime of this nature. Appeals Court Judge Peter D. O’Connell wrote that Ambrose placed both mother and preborn child “in both danger of death and physical injury.’’

Ambrose was convicted on separate counts of felonious assault and witness tampering and was sentenced to serve his punishment for them consecutively rather than simultaneously, maximizing his time in jail.

Michigan Court Rules that Preborn Children Deserve Legal Protection (Live Action News)


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