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First time in ages!  And it’s the second time in two days that I’ve felt well enough to sit at my desk and work online.  Yowza!

On Monday, at my checkup, my doctor suggested I try soaking my whole body in an Epsom salt bath before bed.  I have now done it twice … Monday night and Tuesday night.  I got much better sleep than usual and have been clear minded enough to post both mornings.

I need to keep it up and see if the benefit lasts, but for now, I’m just so thrilled to be here twice in a row cuz … dayum, poor Pete!  This is too big a job for one person.  He’s been such a trooper during my long, long illness.  {{{{{Pete}}}}}

Here’s my ferment post, if you’re interested. I’ve added a photo of my 90-gallon freshwater show tank at the bottom because pictures are fun.  Plus, it’s one of my rehab projects and I’m really proud of how well it’s turned out.  I love to lie on the couch and just go all zen with my fishes. 🙂

I started fermenting around Thanksgiving of 2014. I was so excited about the totally novel idea that I could heal my allergies by healing my gut.

I’ve been totally home bound for many years by all my food and environmental sensitivities. Back in the early 1980s, when I was tested extensively, my doctors found me to be a universal reactor.

My immune system was so screwed up that it just sensitized to everything, including my own unborn children.

50 foods tested; none were safe and some were devastating. 300 molds; 299 were positive and the testing tech said, “You’ve just never been exposed to this last one.” Dogs, cats, birds, rodents, dust, pollens of all kinds, fragrances, formaldehyde, chlorine, yada yada yada … even my own hormones!

I ended up forced to live a monastic life in a few climate-conditioned, air filtered rooms. I haven’t been to church in decades and I couldn’t attend my daughters’ graduations or weddings.

BUT …. after almost 2 years of fermenting, I can now go out sometimes! I’ve been able to garden, walk the dogs, go to the grocery store, run the vacuum cleaner … all for only relatively short periods of time and I’m still on the couch a lot, but still … WOW!

I still can’t even think about church … way too much perfume … but I was able to attend my daughter’s baby shower this month where everyone specifically did not wear perfume for my sake and we had my air filter running and a door propped open. I was there for FOUR HOURS before I crashed and had to go back to my home slash allergy oasis!

On the food front, my biggest success is that I can eat now one egg a week. Eggs were one of my worst foods ever. I had a special type of food allergy to eggs known as an addictive allergy. In short, I HAD to have eggs every morning or I wasn’t fit to live with, but a few hours after eating them, I’d suddenly be very angry about nothing.

I remember wondering why my kids were so annoying at 11 am every day LOL … but I didn’t connect it to the eggs until I got to a Clinical Ecologist (M.D.) who could explain the workings of a totally messed up immune system like mine. In fact, at my intake interview the week I turned 30, she asked, “Is there any food you have to eat every day?”

I’d been treated by a traditional Allergist (M.D.) since I was a teen.  He told me I had NO food allergies and he certainly had never asked me a question like that!

My fermenting regimen has been simple … Three K’s A Day.  Each day, I try to have at least a little bit of kefir, kombucha, and some kind of fermented produce – Bubbie’s pickles or my own kraut or salsa are the most common.

This year, I also started juicing and we made a bigger commitment to organic eating, both of which I think have also helped.


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